How to Join ASRAS

Download: ASRAS-Membership-Form-PDF-v2023-08-CK.pdf

To Join/Renew your membership, please use the following steps:

  1. Print the membership form.
  2. Fill out the form and mail with your check to the Membership Chair at the address listed on the form. Alternatively, you may make payment with PayPal at on Then mail or email the filled out form to Check the amount you are paying for Academy Category (shaded column) and for the Section(s) in which you wish membership.
  3. When your membership information and check have been received, you will receive email notification that your membership is now active.

Membership Rates

Since we are a section of the Rochester Academy of Science, RAS dues are a prerequisite for section membership. This means that you should ADD the membership fee for RAS and your chosen section together to get the total membership fee. You can also join other Sections of interest. The membership fees for the various sections are listed on the Membership forms listed above. We think our membership rates are VERY reasonable for what a member gets for the money. Please see the membership form for latest rates.

For your convenience, please pay your dues to the R.A.S. and its sections with a single check. Make check payable to:

Astronomy Section, Rochester Academy of Science, Inc.

For a faster response, mail your form and check to the membership chair at the address listed on the form.

Our mailing address is:

Attn: Membership Chair
PO Box 20292
Rochester, NY 14602