Radio Astronomy Update – Solar Radio Telescope – 8/1/2016

The goal of this project is to study the RF signature of Sunspots, as part of the e-Callisto global network. We’re going to be filling a big gap in their coverage map as there are no receivers on the east coast. If you’ve been following our activities you already know we’ve demonstrated this project’s ability to autonomously track the Sun regardless of the weather, with NO human intervention,  demonstrated at the RIT Imagine festival last year (photo, above-left).

This coming school year our plans are getting even bigger, with our sights on full automatic operation of all the functions, including automatic calibration, RFI noise removal and data file transfer to Zurich, SZ.

‘Stay tuned’ for status reports as we become fully operational, with student designed and built modules for a fully working system. Our expected ‘first light’ is May 2017.

Martin J Pepe

Original posting: 7 October 2016 by Joel Schmid
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