M42, photo by Pat Cosgrove

Gear: 132mm William Optics FLT APO refractor. ZWO ASI294MC-Pro. Optronics CEM60 mount. 20 subs x 180 seconds along with 20 subs at 2 seconds. Both sets processed independently with Deepsky Stacker and post-processed with PS. Used a masked blend to fill-in the burned out core and bring in the Trapezium. Not perfect by any means but a fun first attempt….

Dan Kuchta - IC 342 Hidden Galaxy

Bill Hugh- Bubble Nebula

M51, Gary Opitz

I imaged with my 5.5 inch refractor at prime focus f/7 with my ZWO 1600 mono camera. The luminosity component consists of 194 sub-exposures of 90 seconds each from three separate nights. The color component consists of 40 green, 49 red, and 64 blue filter sub-exposures of 120 seconds each shot over four nights.

Star Trails Over Big Dome - Bill Rodgers

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