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Martin Pepe

Light Is Light

A Light Wave is a Light Wave no matter how LONG

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Light, X-Rays, Radio, etc. are all part of the Electromagnetic (EM) Spectrum. Light can behave as either particles (photons) and wavelengths (waves – like waves crashing periodically on a beach).

The radio that you listen to, the microwave that cooks your dinner, the color of a red rose, even the X-Rays used in the hospital when you break a leg, are all the SAME – they only vary in length. Your eyes, then, are really tiny radio receivers.

Regardless of wavelength, all EM waves travel at the same speed – 186,000 miles per second! How many seconds in a year? (31,536,000) x 186,000 = 1 LIGHT YEAR

Our nearest neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy, is about a mere 2.6 million light-years away.

Complicated molecules and compounds like proteins, sugars, phosphates, and 22 Amino Acids (ALL those things that go into your RNA & DNA) have been found in DEEP SPACE with a RADIO TELESCOPE!

Life (as we know it) depends on WATER, which is all-over outer space (the water molecule resonates at 22 GHz) and is FOUND with a Radio Telescope!


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