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All active supernova over mag 17.0
2022hrs14.3IaNGC 4647
2022jli14.7IcNGC 157
2022idx15.2*Ia-91TLEDA 1033456
2022ffg15.4IICGCG 093-074
ASASSN-22hz15.6unkESO 44-G22
ASASSN-22am15.6*IaNGC 4348
2022jox15.8IIESO 435-G14
ASASSN-22gn16.2*unkESO 244-G24
2022mnz16.2IaUGC 10677
2022esa16.4*Ia-CSMLEDA 987574
2022mhn16.5IaUGC 12599
2022mhe16.5IaNGC 7675
2022iwt16.6IINGC 7637
2022emz16.6*IIbESO 387-G26
2022mxv16.7IINGC 7769
2022hsu16.7*SNUGC 11946
AT2022kmr16.8*unkESO 297-G37
2022mkj16.8IaNGC 5853
2022ewj16.8*IINGC 3367
AT2022ldi16.9*unkWKK 3262
AT2022ktk16.9*unkUGC 3702
2022mbg16.9IaUGC 1590
2022jzx16.9*IINGC 352
ASASSN-22gp16.9*IaPGC 357598

* - last observation is over one month old.  

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, a star exploded.   This star exploded so violently that for a few weeks the star outshone its parent galaxy.   This type of explosion is called a Supernova.   The last one in our galaxy was 400 years ago, making us about 300 years overdue for the next one.   On this web page you will find a list of the currently observable supernovae, along with information on their location, reference images, and their last reported brightness.   The data on this page comes from TNS and ATEL circulars.   These web pages have brought you the latest in supernovae data and images since April 1997.   25 years and counting.

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News: Recently discovered AT2022lia turned out to be yet another eruption of the LBV AT2016blu.   Every year, I do an Astronomy and Space news and events slide show, with videos. People have asked me to post a link to it here. 2022hrs is Mag 13.6 (fading) in NGC 4647 (beside M60).   2022ewj is a Mag 16.3 Type II in NGC 3367, the 5th supernova in this galaxy.   Paolo Campaner, a long time contributor to this page, has died.   For the year 2022, 9207 supernovae (866 CBAT, 8341 unconfirmed, and 0 other sources) have been reported. (21425 last year).   The brightest SN of the year 2021 are 2021aefx (Mag 12.0), 2021rhu (Mag 12.2), 2021pit (Mag 12.3), 2021J (Mag 12.5)

Calsky has gone off line.   TNS has moved to a new URL: https://www.wis-tns.org/.   I've lost my Thistlethwaites mirror and RochesterAstronomy.com mirror so please bookmark my Purdue mirror as a backup to the Main page.   To post your discoveries, go to the TNS getting started page.   For supernovae light curves, look at the new Open supernova Catalog (see OSC links).   Latest Supernovae is now supported by Purdue University and maintains a new mirror hosted in the Department of Physics and Astronomy that is overseen by Dan Milisavljevic.   Purdue mirror page: http://www.physics.purdue.edu/brightsupernovae/.   New features: Modifed the sorted by name list to include removed objects and mark "non public" objects. All galactic objects (CV novae, etc) will be banished on a weekly basis to the boneyard.   Thanks for all of the images, I have been posting them on flickr.   Join the discussion! Facebook Supernova Enthusiasts Group.   The Active supernovae page is a version of this page which is designed to be easier to read.   I've done extensive work recently in the Archives.   If anybody knows who some of the "unknown" discoverers are, please let me know.   Does anybody know of a grant that I could apply to for supporting this page? I probably spend about 2 hours a night working on it.   Please note my backup e-mail address: dbishopx at gmail.com .  To turn off the icons, use this link.   With the demise of of Yahoo Groups, I am moving isn_chat to Google groups.   Please sign up if interested.   VSNet is partially back up!   LOSS ask people who discover supernovae to provide an offset from a nearby star to make spectroscopy easier.  

AT2022nmr, ATEL 15463 discovered 2022/04/18.000 by HST at R.A. = 13h47m31s.818, Decl. = -11°45'51".914 Mag 25.8:5/30, Type unknown (zhost=1.760000) (Fincer chart) (References: TNS)

AT2022myy (= ASASSN-22ia), TNS discovered 2022/06/16.970 by All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN)
Found in an anonymous galaxy at R.A. = 07h14m05s.498, Decl. = -69°28'00".62
Located 0".0 east and 0".0 north of the center of the host galaxy
Mag 17.4:6/16, Type unknown (zhost=0.030408)

AT2022mtr (= ASASSN-22hz) (= Gaia22cpd) (= ATLAS22qvz), TNS discovered 2022/06/13.130 by All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN)
Found in ESO 44-G22 at R.A. = 17h53m01s.119, Decl. = -76°51'37".29
Located 0".0 east and 0".0 north of the center of ESO 44-G22 (Fabio Feijo image)
Mag 15.6:6/20 (15.5:6/19), Type unknown (zhost=0.010193) (References: Gaia observations)

2022mnz (= ZTF22aanzrlh), TNS discovered 2022/06/11.412 by Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF)
Found in UGC 10677 at R.A. = 17h03m30s.899, Decl. = +36°25'06".29
Located 0".0 east and 0".0 north of the center of UGC 10677 (Claudio Balcon image)
Mag 16.2:6/18 (16.1:6/12), Type Ia (z=0.023) (Claudio Balcon spectra) (References: ZTF observations)

AT2022mmp (= ASASSN-22hw) (= Gaia22cpz), TNS discovered 2022/06/10.130 by All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN) at R.A. = 13h24m31s.268, Decl. = -72°10'30".31 Mag 10.6:6/20 (9.5:6/10), Type Nova (References: Gaia observations, ATEL 15435)

2022mhe (= ATLAS22qif) (= ZTF22aanumko), TNS discovered 2022/06/07.573 by ATLAS
Found in NGC 7675 at R.A. = 23h28m06s.446, Decl. = +08°45'44".71
Located 7".34 east and 22".64 north of the center of NGC 7675
Mag 16.5:6/18, Type Ia (z=0.028740) (References: ZTF observations)

AT2022mfr (= AASSN-22hu) (= Gaia22coj), TNS discovered 2022/06/07.160 by All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN)
Found in an anonymous galaxy at R.A. = 19h53m08s.898, Decl. = -73°43'31".94
Located 0".0 east and 0".0 north of the center of the host galaxy
Mag 17.2:6/17 (16.8:6/7), Type unknown (References: Gaia observations)

AT2022lmj (= ASASSN-22hm), TNS discovered 2022/05/31.710 by All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN)
Found in an anonymous galaxy at R.A. = 06h21m41s.534, Decl. = -65°10'36".91
Located 0".0 east and 0".0 north of the center of the host galaxy
Mag 16.4:5/31, Type unknown (zhost=0.024904)

AT2022kwj (= ASASSN-22hh), TNS discovered 2022/05/24.910 by All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN)
Found in NGC 6761 at R.A. = 19h15m06s.749, Decl. = -50°39'01".73
Located 0".0 east and 0".0 north of the center of NGC 6761 (John Stevenson image)
Mag 17.4:5/24, Type unknown (zhost=0.018846)