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All active supernova over mag 17.0
2024ggi12.3IINGC 3621
2024iss13.2IILEDA 1846725
2024eyo14.4*IaESO 285-G48
2024inv14.6IaNGC 3524
2024igg14.6Ia-SCNGC 5876
AT2024exj15.1*unkLEDA 231010
ASASSN-24cv15.3IaUGC 4730
2024exw15.9IINGC 4192A
ASASSN-24co16.0*unkESO 58-G11
2024cld16.0*IINGC 6004
ASASSN-24ax16.0IIMCG -1-33-30
2024ehs16.2IINGC 3443
AT2024fpe16.3*unkLSBC F673-02
2024hcj16.4IaUGC 11016
2024gqf16.5IaNGC 6646
2024dhj16.5*IIESO 216-G21
2024bch16.5IInNGC 3206
AT2024hwo16.6unkESO 511-G042
AT2024fbs16.6*unkESO 345-G044
2024gwq16.6IaCGCG 238-005
2024fjp16.6IaLEDA 2259108
ASASSN-24dd16.8unkLEDA 2817326
2024gyr16.8IaMCG +9-18-92
AT2024ipz16.9unkESO 235-G049
AT2024gty16.9*unkLEDA 3099325
2024iey16.9IaLEDA 2222714
2024gy16.9IaNGC 4216

* - last observation is over one month old.  

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, a star exploded.   This star exploded so violently that for a few weeks the star outshone its parent galaxy.   This type of explosion is called a Supernova.   The last one in our galaxy was 400 years ago, making us about 300 years overdue for the next one.   Here you will find a list of the supernovae we can see right now, as well as information about where they are in the sky, images of that object and how bright the explosion was at the last time we measured it.   The data on this page comes from TNS and ATEL circulars.   These web pages have brought you the latest in supernovae data and images since April 1997.   27 years and counting.

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News: 2024iss is a bright supernova in a little galaxy in the Coma cluster.   2024gzk was just discovered is our most prolific galaxy NGC 3690.   2024ggi is a type II in the southern NGC 3621.   2024gy is beginning to fade in NGC 4216.   AT2016blu in NGC 4559 is back at mag 16.   You will notice that the magnitudes of the brighter objects (< 17.0) are now updated more often.   For the year 2024, 6936 supernovae (564 CBAT, 6371 unconfirmed, and 1 other sources) have been reported. (20575 last year).   The brightest SN of the year 2024 are 2024ggi (Mag 11.7), 2024any (Mag 12.7) followed by 2024gy (Mag 12.8).  

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2024iss (= GOTO24bmf) (= ZTF24aankvcy) (= ATLAS24hhy), TNS discovered 2024/05/12.901 by GOTO
Found in LEDA 1846725 at R.A. = 12h59m06s.145, Decl. = +28°48'42".67
Located 4".2 west and 0".0 south of the center of LEDA 1846725 (SGLF image) (John Stevenson image) (Nicolas Delaunoy image) (Raymond Kneip image) (Gianluca Masi image) (Odd Trondal image) (Jordi Manga image facebook) (Manfred Mrotzek image) (Ken Mascola image facebook) (Franky Dubois image facebook) (Norris Adams image) (Enrico Prosperi image)
Mag 13.2:5/16, Type II (zhost=0.003334) (References: AstroNote 2024-128, AstroNote 2024-130, AstroNote 2024-131, ATEL 16624, ZTF Observations, ALerce observations, Atnaries observations)

2024inv (= ZTF24aamtvxb), TNS discovered 2024/05/10.276 by ALeRCE
Found in NGC 3524 at R.A. = 11h06m32s.162, Decl. = +11°22'42".57
Located 0".8 east and 24".9 south of the center of NGC 3524 (Andrea Mantero image) (Toshihide Noguchi image) (Marie Newnham image) (Klemens Waldhör image) (Enrico Prosperi image)
Mag 14.6:5/14, Type Ia (zhost=0.004483) (References: TNS, ZTF observations)

2024igg (= ZTF24aamlalc), TNS discovered 2024/05/07.304 by ALeRCE
Found in NGC 5876 at R.A. = 15h09m30s.910, Decl. = +54°30'20".24
Located 5".7 west and 3".1 south of the center of NGC 5876 (Enrico Prosperi image near bulge)
Mag 14.6:5/17, Type Ia-SC (z=0.01) (zhost=0.010850) (References: AstroNote 2024-124, AstroNote 20240132, ZTF observations)

AT2024hwo, TNS discovered 2024/05/02.439 by Stu Parker (BOSS)
Found in ESO 511-G042 at R.A. = 14h28m15s.300, Decl. = -23°52'13".00
Located 16".9 east and 9".9 north of the center of ESO 511-G042 (John Stevenson image facebook unconfirmed)
Mag 16.6:5/2, Type unknown (zhost=0.023853)

2024hsq (= ASASSN-24cv), TNS discovered 2024/05/01.260 by All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN)
Found in UGC 4730 at R.A. = 09h01m58s.402, Decl. = +60°09'06".98
Located 0".1 east and 0".8 north of the center of UGC 4730 (Klemens Waldhör image)
Mag 15.3:5/1, Type Ia (zhost=0.011134)

AT2024hix, TNS discovered 2024/04/27.823 by Witold Caban
Found in NGC 5653 at R.A. = 14h30m09s.000, Decl. = +31°12'55".00
Located 18".2 west and 0".8 south of the center of NGC 5653
Mag 18.8:4/27, Type unknown

2024gzk (= ZTF19abgbbzy), TNS discovered 2024/04/12.349 by Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF)
Found in NGC 3690 at R.A. = 11h28m32s.397, Decl. = +58°33'44".08 (= Arp 299)
Located 0".8 east and 1".1 north of the center of NGC 3690 (Manfred Mrotzek image)
Mag 17.9:5/11 (16.2:4/22), Type IIb (zhost=0.010300) (References: AstroNote 2024-121, ZTF observations; SN 2023wrk, 2022gnp, 2020fkb, 2019lqo, AT2018mel 2018lrd, 2010P, 2010O, 2005U, 1999D, 1998T, 1993G, 1992bu, PSN J11283070+5833456)
2023wrk and 2024gzk images sub-page

2024gqf (= SNhunt465) (= ZTF24aakajtn), TNS discovered 2024/04/15.466 by Catalina Real-Time Transient Survey, M. Mazzucato, and Mirco Villi
Found in NGC 6646 at R.A. = 18h29m35s.784, Decl. = +39°51'14".76
Located 34".0 west and 39".7 south of the center of NGC 6646 (Discovery image) (Odd Trondal image) (Marie Newnham image) (Manfred Mrotzek image) (Klaus Wenzel image) (Enrico Prosperi image)
Mag 16.5:5/16 (15.6:4/30), Type Ia (zhost=0.019227) (References: ZTF observations)

2024ggi (= ATLAS24fsk) (= GOTO24aig) (= BGEM J111822.10-325015.1) (=PS24brj), TNS discovered 2024/04/11.141 by ATLAS
Found in NGC 3621 at R.A. = 11h18m22s.087, Decl. = -32°50'15".26
Located 70".4 east and 84".7 south of the center of NGC 3621 (Damian Peach image)
Mag 12.3:5/7 (11.7:4/30), Type II (z=0.002435) (References: AstroNote 2024-100, 2024-101, 2024-102, 2024-103, 2024-104, 2024-105, 2024-107, 2024-109, ATEL 16595, 16586, 16587, 16601, 16612)
2024ggi images sub-page

AT2024ggn (= ASASSN-24co) (= ATLAS24ftu), TNS discovered 2024/04/11.080 by All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN)
Found in ESO 58-G11 at R.A. = 06h42m52s.442, Decl. = -71°47'59".11
Located 3".9 east and 5".4 south of the center of ESO 58-G11
Mag 16.0:4/13, Type unknown (zhost=0.014223)