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When you are looking for information on the latest Supernovae, the firstplace to look (Besides the Bright Supernovae page) is IAU's Transient Name Server.   For object before 2016 look at List of Recent Supernovae and List of All Supernovae, as well as the Transient Object Confirmation Page.   Looking for a subject which is truly international? Take a look at some of these links. The majority or the planet Earth is represented here.

Places to look for Supernova Images:
Index of images on this site
     Flickr supernova images Images people have sent me recently. Same images using the Fluidr interface.
     Sorted by Galaxy name,
     Sorted by observer
     Best SN images on the web
     Supernova Animated GIF images
     Two Supernovae at the same time in the same galaxy
Arcturus Observatory SN images
Arne Danielsen's Supernova
The Astronomer Online's Supernovae
SNAude from France
     2004 supernovae
     2005 supernovae
     2006 supernovae
     2007 supernovae
     2008 supernovae
     2009 supernovae
     2010 supernovae
     2011 supernovae
     2012 supernovae
     2013 supernovae
     2014 supernovae
     2015 supernovae
SNWeb from France (formally AUDE)
     2003 supernovae
     2004 supernovae
     2005 supernovae
     2006 supernovae
     2007 supernovae
     2008 supernovae
     2009 supernovae
Bernd Brinkmann's Supernova page
Joseph Brimacombe's supernova images
C.AS.T. Supernovae image in Italian [Translate]
Carnegie Supernova Program's 2004/2005 Color SN images and 2005/2006 Color SN images
Carnegie Supernova Program II
Chris Spratt's supernova images
Christian Buil's supernova page (supernova page old page)
David Rich's supernova images
Don Dillinger's Supernova page
Enrico Prosperi's supernova Page (mirror)
Gianluca Masi's Supernova images
Global Supernova search Team
Harvard - Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) Recent SN page (Supernova Identification (SNID))
Håkon Dahle's supernova page
Hubert Lehmann's images
Italian Supernovae Search Project
International Supernovae Network (ISN) Latest discoveries by Amateurs (Mirror)
Jack Newton's Supernova page
JM Llapasset's supernova page in French [Translate]
Jozef Vinko's Bright Supernova Observing Group
Jyväskylän Sirius ry SN page by Marko Moilanen
Jørgen Albertsen's supernova page
KenIchi Kadota's supernova page.
Kereszty Zsolt's supernova images in Hungarian
Koichi Itagaki's home page
Kevin Krisciunas.
Kopernik Observatory's Images page
Kuma Kogen Astronomical Observatory's SN image
László L. Kiss
Larry Robinson's Supernova Observations
Latest Pictures of Novae and Supernovae from Seiichi Yoshida (Japan)
M1 Supernova Search in Spanish [Translate]
Liverpool AS supernova search
Martin Mobberley's Supernova page
Martin Schultz's web page
Martin Stuhlinger's Supernova page in German [Translate]
Mike Peoples supernova page
Norsk Astronomical Society's Supernova supernova archive
Novara’s Astronomers Association Supernova page
Observadores de Supernovas
OCA Image Gallery
Omega group Extra galactic Supernovae Search (Supernova archive)
Sterren Wacht Oostzaan's supernova page
Stuart Parker's home page
Pedro Re's Supernova page
Orbit Jet Observatory's Supernova images
Peter Birtwhistle's Supernova gallery
Peter Marples
Plesk and Hornech's Supernova page
Portal of Supernova
Raoul Behrend's Supernova images in Spanish [Translate]
Rezman Observatory's Recent supernova
Roland Santallo's Supernova page Tahiti French Polynesia
Stan Howerton's Discovery page
Stig Foss's Supernova Page
SWIFT space telescope Supernova page
Taurus Hill's supernova page
Ted Dobosz's Supernova page
Toma Hynek's Novae and Supernovae
Torbjørn Fredriksen's Supernova page
University of Iowa Very-Late-Type and Irregular Galaxy Supernova Search
The Virtual Telescope Projects's Supernova page
William Wells's Supernova page
Worth Hill Observatory Supernovae
Xavier Bros supernova page in Catalan [Translate]
Yasuo Sano's supernova observations [Japanese version] New page
Zorko Vièar's supenrova page
Know of another one? Please let me know.

Supernova search/research sites:
Alain Klotz's Supernova discovery page.
Arguines Observatory in Spanish [Translate]
ASDP Automated Supernova Detection Project
ASAS-SN: Transients New 2013
Asociación de Variabilistas de España (AVE) in Spanish [Translate]
Catalina Real-Time Transient Survey
     Categorized page
     CRTS II search page (Supernovae only, Possible supernovae)
     MLS search page (Supernovae only, Possible supernovae)
     CLS, MLS, and SSS archives page (Supernovae only)
     Supernova hunt page
Caltech core collapse program (CCCP)
Chandra space telescope supernova images
CBA Belgium Automated Supernova-Search Program Nice supernova hunting tutorial
Chilean Automatic Supernova Search program (CHASE) in Spanish [Translate] (Presentation)
     2009 Discovery page
     2010 Discovery page
     2011 Discovery page
     2012 Discovery page
     2013 Discovery page
     Possible supernova page
Cortina Astronomical Association (CROSS) in Italian [Translate] new page
Doug Rich's Supernova discoveries
Greek Supernova Search Team
High-Z Supernova search home page
LBL's High Redshift Supernova Search (Search is active, but the site isn't) (mirror)
     Supernova Cosmology Project
     Nearby Supernova Factory
         Latest discovery page (enter your e-mail address)
     HST Supernova study
Lick Observatory Supernova Search (LOSS)
     Image Gallery
     2006 discoveries
     2007 discoveries
     2008 discoveries
     2009 discoveries
     2010 discoveries
     2011 discoveries
     2012 discoveries
     2013 discoveries
     2014 discoveries
     2015 discoveries
     2016 discoveries
     2017 discoveries
     2018 discoveries
     2019 discoveries
La Sagra Sky Survey Supernova Search
The LasSilla-Quest Variablity Survey (LSQ)
Liverpool Astronomical Society Supernova Search (LASSS)
Rodrigo Losada's supernova page
Norsk Astronomical Society's Supernova søkegruppen
NOT's Supernova Spectra
Padova-Asiago Supernova Group
     2011 objects
     2012 objects
     2013 objects
     2014 objects
     2015 objects
Perth Astronomical Research Group (PARG) Dead link?
Peter Nugent's Spectral Templates
Plaskett spectroscopic supernova survey
Intermediate Palomar Transient Factory,
PTF, Galaxy Zoo, the hunt for supernovae, Discoveries Discoveries (old) Supernova Zoo results
Public ESO Spectroscopic Survey of Transient Objects (PESSTO)
Pan-STARRS Science Consortium (PS1)
     Discovery images
     Text only version
Puckett Observatory's Supernova Search
     Discovery details
     Team members
Robin Chassagne's Supernova discoveries (Robin has not been in contact since the Tsunami)
Ron Arbour's home page
ROTSE collaboration: Discoveries page
SAO Amateur Supernova Hunting.
SDSS-II supernova survey data release Supernova discovery list
SuperNova Early Warning System (SNEWS) Neutrino detection system
Aoki Masakatsu's Supernova Hunter
SuperNova Observing Web (SNOW) in Japanese [Translate]
Sternberg Astronomical Institute SN research Group (SAI)
Tenagra Observatories
Thunderchild Observatory
UK Schmidt Telescope Supernova Search
University of Texas Supernova research
Tom Boles' observatory (old site)
Visnjan Observatory Supernova Search Group (old site) (Supernova Search report)
Willebroek Observatory supernova search
Wise Observatory's SN studies page
Edward L. Wright Supernova Cosmology

Nova/SuperNova Web resources:
Marcos Montes page of supernova links
The Astronomer's Telegram
GCN Circulars from the GRB Coordinates Network.
Open supernova catalog has ended. The data archive from this project is here. supernova page
Variable Star Network (VSNet)
     e-mail archives
     software archive
American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) with SN data and finder charts
NGC / IC Project Home Page
The Universal Guide - Novae and Supernovae
U of Texas SN links page
Franziska Brachwitz's supernova links
Yahoo Nova and Supernova sites
SAO/NASA ADS Custom Query Form
SNSG-NAS e-mail list

J1950 to J2000 coordinate converter
JD to Calendar date converter
MJD to Calendar date converter

Supernova catalogs: Bright Supernovae pages, a list of the current Supernova (these pages) Purdue mirror
Brian Skiff's Photometric reference file of stars near galaxies (big) (compress version) (references)
List of X-Ray Supernovae
HST Supernova discoveries
Fritz Zwicky group SN News in Italian [Translate]
IAU Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
IAU Transient Objects Confirmation page and Confirmed Transient Objects page for unconfirmed supernovae.   You can post observations (for registered users) at this page
     CBAT PSN page
IAU List of Recent Supernovae
IAU List of all reported Supernovae (large) (mirror)
IAU Minor Planet Center
Robert Koff's PSN confirmed observations page
M. Richmonds's list of SNe since 1950
Open supernova Catalog New 2016/06/06
SAI Supernova catalog a searchable database ASCII version
Asiago Supernova catalog Database Updated 2012/07/23
SEDS Supernovae in Messier catalog galaxies Updated 2013/02/03
Sternberg Institute's SN list 2004 version Updated 2012/07/29
Transient Name Server (TNS getting started page) Updated 2016/01/01
TNS new site (register page)
Yasuo Sano's supernova news
Seiichi Yoshida's MISAO project
Naohito Fukuhara's Astronomy new page in Japanese [Translate]
Suchenfz Supernova catalog
UIS Henry Barber Research Observatory LBV list
David Jeffery's Supernova page, and Supernova Spectra

Extra Galactic Nova catalogs
Extragalactic Novae a list of the current Extra Galactic Novae (Mirror site)
Wolfgang Pietsch's extragalactic nova page
     M31 novae catalog
     M32 novae catalog
     NGC 205 novae catalog
     M33 novae catalog
     M81 novae catalog
Allen Shafter's Extragalactic nova page
MPE Optical Novae in M31
Joseph Brimacombe's Extragalactic nova collection
HET Spectra of Extragalactic Novae
CBET maintains
     M31 novae page
     M33 novae page
     M81 novae page

Looking for reference images of a galaxy?:
Bright SN photometry reference images
Anglo-Australian Observatory supernova links
ASP List of NGC images
Associazione Astronomica Cortina Galaxy's reference images
Astronomical Image Library (Searchable)
Enrico Prosperi's CCD Galaxy images and Recent observations
Galaxy - Light bye Antonio Cidadoa, ftp area, small gif images of galaxies Documentation
Hypercat (Searchable)
LEDA Database Reference image builder (Searchable)
NED NASA/IPAC Extra-galactic Database - Detailed galaxy information. (Searchable)
NCSA ADIL Digital Image Library (Searchable)
NF/ Observatory's 1000 galaxies
NGC/IC Project Public database (Searchable) and DSS Images
NOAO image gallery (Searchable)
Princeton Galaxy catalog images
SEDs NGC Online Catalog (Searchable)
Simbad database (European Mirror) registration required (Searchable)
SkyView Virtual Observatory (Searchable) Mirror
STScI Digitized Sky Survey (Searchable) Mirror site
STScI Digitized Sky Survey Phase 2 (Searchable) (FITS format only)
STScI MAST scrapbook (Searchable) All archived images from HST now in a readable format!
UA Astronomical Image Galleries
The University of Iowa Supernova Search Archive
Amateur Astrophotography and CCD Image links Lots of image sites
HST Waiting for a supernova.

Supernova people get around. Sometimes they document their travels!
Supernovae conference in Valencia Spain (April 22-26 2003)
IAUC Colloquium 194 (November 17-22 2004)
David Bishop's A Trip to Lick Observatory March 2001
Mike Schwartz's Interview with Robert Evans May 2001
Asteroid DavidBishop

If you would like to report your observations, VSNet accepts SN observations and compile them for future use. See the How to post your observations sub page for more information.   So, you think that you've found a new Supernova and want to know how to report it? First look at Transient Name Server (or better yet, the search box on this page) to make sure that it has not been reported already.   You can also use the CfA Minor Planet Checker (Updated 5/4/2022) to make sure that what you are looking at is an SN and not an asteroid.   Also look at AAVSO International Variable Star Index or STSCI atlas of Cataclysmic Variables to make sure you are not looking at a variable star.   This is the TNS getting started page which is where to post your discovery.   Updated 2018/01/14 Other good resources:
The LOSS search list (in ZIP format). This is the list of galaxies search by the LOSS search team. (original search list)
Transient Objects Confirmation page
     XML feed (full list of observations and discoveries)
     TOCP Former entries page
Transient Objects Confirmation page sorted by R.A.
Latest Supernova page sorted by R.A.
TOCP report page (password protected)
CCD image subtraction software

Looking for more information on SN? Check out the following links:
Discovery News Supernova news
     Supernova list
     History of supernova observation
NASA GSFC Supernova for some nice images and animations.
     Supernovae and their Remnants
     Imagine the Universe! Supernovae a good SN tutorial.
     Gamma-ray bursters and Hypernovae from "Ask a NASA Scientist"
     How are supernovae detected and how can I find out when the last one occurred?.
Bucket List for Backyard Stargazers #1: A Supernova
Royal Greenwich Observatory's Supernova Leaflet
Marcos J. Montes' Current Supernovae Taxonomy
Mr. Galaxy's Supernova Page.
Stellar Fusion (nice animations!)
Dr. M. Richmond's Current Supernovae Taxonomy
U of Texas, Astronomy Department, Supernovae Research Group
AAVSO Supernova Search Manual
Supernova Explosions: Their Causes and Consequences
Why did the supernova change colors? from NASA space science news
Astronomers Find First Observational Evidence for "Hypernova" Explosion
When Stars go hyper from NASA Space news
Supernovas and their Remnants
What are Supernovae?
What is a Supernova?
Supernovae Remnants, Pulsars, and Catastrophic Variables has a nice write up on Super Novae and their Remnants
Supernova Nice graphics.
When Big Stars Die by Bryan Gaensler
Core Collapse Supernovae by Mike Guidry
Danny Scheinerman's Deep Space Phenomena, Supernovae
Crystalinks Supernova page
Measuring the Universe with Supernovae
Supernovae, Supernova Remnants and Young Earth Creationism FAQ
The supernova zoo
Birth of a Supernova from the PBS Special Runaway Universe (Requires Flash plugin)
Thinkquest's Supernovas
Fox News Implosion of a Type II supernova (nice graphics)
Nasa's Supernova Explosions
Nasa's Observing Supernovae in French [Translate]
Predicting a supernova
Stockholms University Type Ia presentation

Articles about these web pages
article about this page written by Doug Rich
Supernova Alphabet soup (updated version)
Supernova 2014J and the upcoming deluge of discoveries
Dual Supernovae Light Up June Nights

OK, what do the different colored dots mean? Sites which have recent data are marked with (the color of an SN on the rise). Site which have seen updates in the last year are marked with (the color of a fading SN). Sites which haven't seen an update in years are marked with (a color you will only find in an SN remnant). Informational sites which don't need any updating are marked with .

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