Posting Observations

VSNet is back up!   Please send your observations to vsnet-obs   The format for observations has not changed.   A detailed version of how to format your obserations can be found here.   VSNet keeps track of the brightness of several variable stars, novae, and Supernovae. They accept SNe observations which they then compile and make available for use.

The format which VSNet is looking for is as follows:

SN1999da 19990711.236 161C Bob Kuberek
  • "SN1999da" - name of supernova with "SN" in front of it
  • "19990711.236" - UT date in decimal notation (7/11/99 5:40 UT in this case)
  • "161" - Flat field corrected magnitude (16.1 in this case) to one decimal place, you can also say < 160 or 160: if you are uncertin of your observation.
  • "C" is the filter used to take this reading (in this case C means "clear")
  • "Bob Kuberek" is the name of the observer. You can also add comments in this field.  After you send in your first observations, you will be given an observer code (BKU) which you will use for every subsequent observation.
  • You will need to subscribe to vsnet-acc (to allow you access to post your observations). You should also subscribe to isnchat (where your observations will eventually show up). Mail your observations to vsnet-obs.

    VSNet has several different e-mail sigs, and sub sigs. Most of these have to do with variable star observations, and are omitted here. In order to post to any of these list, you first need to be on the "vsnet-acc" list. These list are controlled by a software package called "Majordomo", which allows you to subscribe and unsubscribe yourself from these list with an e-mail message (automated). The trick is that you need to put the action (like "subscribe vsnet-acc") in the BODY of the message. All admin messages on VSNet need to be posted to Once you have subscribed to vsnet-acc (which will only send you a welcome message back and nothing else) you can post to the other list. If you subscribe to a list, you are automatically allowed posting privileges, however the amount of e-mail you'll get may be more than you bargained for.

    Once you have subscribed to "vsnet-acc" post your SN observations, in the above format to: vsnet-obs. They will be compiled, and come back to you through vsnet-campaign-sn

    The subscribe and unsubscribe buttons below will automatically fill in the e-mail for with the correct data to subscribe your current address to the e-mail list. If you want to use any address other than your "Reply-to:" address, then place that at the end of the "subscribe" line. These buttons will work with Netscape 4.0 and up, and newer versions of MS Explorer.

    I personally subscribe to vsnet-campaign-sn, and isnchat.
    List Name E-Mail
    vsnet-campaign-sn vsnet-campaign-sn subscribe vsnet-campaign-sn unsubscribe vsnet-campaign-sn Observing campaigns for SN.
    1 message/month
    vsnet-recent-snvsnet-recent-sn subscribe vsnet-recent-sn unsubscribe vsnet-recent-sn Summaries of SN observations 2 messages/day
    isn_chat Archives isn_chat is a discussion group on supernovae, sponsored by this site. This list gets about 10 messages/month
    extragalactic-supernova none subscribe extragalactic-supernova unsubscribe extragalactic-supernova Sky and Telescope's Extra galactic SN alert service
    1 messages/month
    nearby-supernova-alert none subscribe nearby-supernova-alert unsubscribe nearby-supernova-alert Sky and Telescope's Nearby galactic SN alert service (Nutrino detected SNe)
    Nothing sent to this list to date.
    snnet snnet archive subscribe snnet unsubscribe snnet Supernova Early Alert Network's SuperNova Early Warning System (Nutrino detected SNe)
    1 message/month
    Astronomer's Telegram Archive Subscribe and Unsubscribe page 1 message/month with selectable filters
    American Association of Variable Star Observers (pay service) News Flash
    Subscribe page
    Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (pay service) IAU Circulars (password protected)

    A list of several Astronomy related e-mail list can be found at Sky and Telescope's Astronomy-Related Mailing Lists

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    David Bishop
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