2021 Virtual General Meetings

Click on the links below to view our 2021 virtual general meeting recording.

June 2021 Farash Center Meeting

Our first in person meeting in 15 months! Featuring the popular “Astronomy year in Review” by David Bishop.


May 2021 Virtual Meeting

Featured Speaker was Donald J Bridey “Wormholes and Time Machines”

ASRAS May 7 2021 Monthly Meeting – YouTube

April 2021 Virtual Meeting

Astro Challenge: Where else in the Solar System can you stand to see a solar eclipse?

ASRAS April 2 2021 Virtual Meeting – YouTube

March 5 2021 Virtual Meeting


To Access this particular recording, because it is using Zoom, type in the following password when prompted: W!^!G2id (Cut & Paste will also work).

Many Thanks to Craig Kaplan for providing the ZOOM capabilities as our BBB was being repaired on Friday!

The feature talk was by  Joe Eakin, Director of Colgate University’s Ho Tung Visualization Lab and Planetarium demonstrating their new Digistar 7 software and how the lab can be used in a multidisciplinary way.

February 2021 Virtual Meeting

A very good presentation by Carol Higgins on the James Webb Space Telescope.

Click on the ‘Play’ arrow at the lower left hand corner to start playback.

ASRAS February 5 2021 Virtual Meeting – YouTube

January 2021 Virtual Meeting

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ASRAS January 8 2021 Virtual Meeting – YouTube