Supernovae 2023ixf in M101

This page is devoted to information on Supernova 2023ixf in M101.   Basic information on this SN, including the last reported brightness, on this Supernova can be found on the main page.   Information on the original web pages for many of these images can be found on the links web page.

image Discovered by Koichi Itagaki (Japan).   This one is a Type IIL.   The last event in this galaxy was an LRN, AT2015dl.   The last supernova in this galaxy was 2011fe which got up to Mag 9.9 (Type Ia).   We have a Photometry reference image made by Odd Trondal.   This supernova is in the Constellation Ursa Major.

The following is a list of images of this SN, in chronological order. Click on the name in the "Image Credit" column to see the image. Times and dates are in UT unless otherwise noted. If you know of any others, please tell me!

Image CreditDateMagFilterComments
Morten Kristensen 2023/05/13.000Cunconfirmed
Pat Hanrahan 2023/05/14.900Cunconfirmed
Jeff Ration 2023/05/18.000C
Richard Berry 2023/05/18.240Cunconfirmed
Norman Hamann 2023/05/18.888C
Bronco Oostermeyer 2023/05/18.892C
Ivan Ionov 2023/05/18.958C
Riise Henrik 2023/05/19.100C
Steve Limeburner 2023/05/19.15915.5C
A V. Filippenko 2023/05/19.25216.0C
Purnendu Gupta 2023/05/19.29814.1C
Zeying Li 2023/05/19.70515.0VTwitter
Koichi Itagaki 2023/05/19.72714.9CDiscovery
Sal LaRiccia 2023/05/19.72814.9C
Eugenio Fernandez 2023/05/19.800C
Rafa Farfan 2023/05/19.95414.4V
Eliot Herman 2023/05/20.000C
Daniel-Burns 2023/05/20.000C
Eliot Herman 2023/05/20.188C
Eliot Herman 2023/05/20.191C
Swift 2023/05/20.27613.5VSpace Telescope
Eliot Herman 2023/05/20.299C
Koichi Itagaki 2023/05/20.486C
Julio Vannini 2023/05/20.50012.3V
A. Novichonok, A. Schmalz 2023/05/20.77812.1CR
Geroge Carey 2023/05/20.838C
Rafa Ferrando 2023/05/20.85412.4G
Keith Wasilewski 2023/05/20.881C
Daniel Bamberger 2023/05/20.89411.9CR
Fabrice Candia 2023/05/20.910C
Frank Weitzmann 2023/05/20.927C
Gábor Zajzon 2023/05/20.941C
Øyvind Kristiansen 2023/05/20.958C
Paul Adams 2023/05/20.979C
Keith Wasilewski 2023/05/20.999C
Eliot Herman 2023/05/21.00011.9C
Ernie Jacobs 2023/05/21.000Ccolor
Ernie Jacobs 2023/05/21.000CB/W
CS Frank 2023/05/21.010C
Mike Tyrrell 2023/05/21.02312.0C
Klemens Waldhör 2023/05/21.02412.3M
Balázs Benei 2023/05/21.04211.7C
Jean-Claude Merlin 2023/05/21.25511.9V
Gregor Krannich 2023/05/21.86911.5V
Morten Kristensen 2023/05/21.90711.8C
Elia Dalcanto 2023/05/21.97211.6C
Markus Bütikofer 2023/05/21.99611.5C
Zlatko Orbanic 2023/05/22.000C
Glen Wurden 2023/05/22.000C
Martin Mobberley 2023/05/22.21911.3C
Paolo Corelli 2023/05/22.84711.0C
Nazmus Nasir 2023/05/22.900C
Ivan Ionov 2023/05/22.958C
Maurice Audejean 2023/05/22.979C
Jim Fakatselis 2023/05/22.986Canimated gif
Jim Fakatselis 2023/05/22.986Ccolor
Tom Powers 2023/05/23.000Ccolor
Simone Bolzoni 2023/05/23.168C
Walter Rison 2023/05/23.250C
Eliot Herman 2023/05/23.37511.0C
Yasuo Sano 2023/05/23.66411.3V
khosro Jafarizadeh 2023/05/23.812C
Achim Sucker 2023/05/23.85810.9m
Manfred Mrotzek 2023/05/23.885C
Mike Tyrrell 2023/05/23.97111.0C
Eliot Herman 2023/05/24.00010.8Progression
Jean-Claude Merlin 2023/05/24.18111.0V
Steve Limeburner 2023/05/24.22911.0C
Yasuo Sano 2023/05/24.46711.3V
Jose Carrillo 2023/05/24.88411.0C
Morten Kristensen 2023/05/24.93811.2C
Pepe Manteca 2023/05/24.979C
Pepe Manteca wide 2023/05/24.979C
Michael Druzynski 2023/05/25.000C
Jean-Claude Merlin 2023/05/25.44811.2V
Yasuo Sano 2023/05/25.48511.3V
Klaus Wenzel 2023/05/25.88511.0CV
Daniel Bamberger 2023/05/25.90511.4CV
Fabio Acquarone 2023/05/26.000C
Rodrigo Losada 2023/05/26.02111.3C
Robert Spellman 2023/05/26.146C
Jean-Claude Merlin 2023/05/26.21911.7V
Morten Kristensen 2023/05/26.96811.4C
Rich Albrecht 2023/05/27.000C
Vasudevan S. Jagannathan 2023/05/27.208C
Michel Michaud 2023/05/27.229C
Thad Szabo 2023/05/27.24211.3C
Mauro Bachini 2023/05/27.94810.9R
Jean-Claude Merlin 2023/05/28.24911.7V
Jean-Claude Merlin 2023/05/29.30311.9V
Yasuo Sano 2023/05/29.46911.3V
Carlos Segarra 2023/05/29.85711.0G
Yasuo Sano 2023/05/30.46411.3V
Yasuo Sano 2023/05/31.43811.3V
Steve Limeburner 2023/06/01.12311.3C
Yasuo Sano 2023/06/01.50711.4V
G. Wells, D. Bamberger 2023/06/03.00411.4CV

Light curves and Spectra:

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