Bright Supernovae - 2017

This data comes from IAU Circulars and occasionally more data will be provided on IAU's Astronomical Headlines page. An archive of the 2017 updates to this page is available.

This is a partial list of the SN discovered in 2017. Since 2017 is still ongoing, please look at the main page for the latest data.   In previous years I tried to keep the yearly archive alphabetically sorted by CBAT supernova name.   Since that is no longer applicable, I am sorting this archive by "first observed" date, which I have listed as the discovery date.   Note that Extra galactic Novae have been moved to a special Extra galactic novae page.   For more information, you can look at the following Supernova Catalogs:

  • IAU List of Supernovae since 1885
  • 2017lw (= DES16E1gfm), TNS discovered 2017/01/06.100 by Dark Energy Survey at R.A. = 00h33m51s.250, Decl. = -42°37'06".13 Mag 21.1:1/6, Type Ia (z=0.186) (Discovery image) (References: ATEL 9980)

    2017lm, (= ATLAS17aix) (= Gaia17akm) TNS discovered 2017/01/14.269 by ATLAS at R.A. = 03h01m32s.410, Decl. = -15°00'57".19 Mag 18.1:1/14, Type Ia (z=0.03052) (References: ATEL 9981, Gaia observations)

    2017le, (= ATLAS17agh) TNS discovered 2017/01/04.560 by ATLAS at R.A. = 11h10m27s.200, Decl. = +28°41'42".33 Mag 18.9:1/4, Type Ia (z=0.030) (References: ATEL 9972)

    AT2017hp, (= ATLAS17agi) TNS discovered 2017/01/04.515 by ATLAS at R.A. = 08h32m00s.780, Decl. = +19°33'45".64 Mag 18.8:1/4, Type unknown

    2017hl, (= ASASSN-17ai) ATEL 9952 discovered 2017/01/09.630 by All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN)
    Found in KUG 1204+171 at R.A. = 12h07m18s.830, Decl. = +16°50'26".02
    Located 3".5 east and 3".2 south of the center of KUG 1204+171 (Discovery image)
    Mag 17.3:1/9, Type Ib (z=0.023) (zhost=0.023073) (References: ATEL 9968, TNS)

    2017hk, TNS discovered 2017/01/08.880 by Tsinghua-NAOC Transient Survey (TNTS)
    Found in KUG 1242+263 at R.A. = 12h45m15s.310, Decl. = +26°05'07".10
    Located 4".0 west and 4".0 north of the center of KUG 1242+263
    Mag 17.9:1/8, Type IIP (zhost=0.059) (References: ATEL 9983)

    AT2017fd (= PS17bub), TNS discovered 2017/01/07.481 by R. Gagliano, R. Post, E. Weinberg, Jack Newton, and Tim Puckett
    Found in an anonymous galaxy at R.A. = 13h56m37s.540, Decl. = +23°12'03".70
    Located 5".65 east and 1".1 south of the center of the host galaxy (PS1 image)
    Mag 20.5:3/7 (18.5:1/7), Type unknown (zhost=0.058509)

    2017bd, (= DES16X2gap) TNS discovered 2017/01/03.100 by Dark Energy Survey at R.A. = 02h25m16s.200, Decl. = -05°53'12".55 Mag 19.7:1/3, Type Ia (z=0.053) (host PGC 3080370) (Discovery image) (References: ATEL 9945)

    2017B (= Gaia17abp), TNS discovered 2017/01/02.793 by Kunihiro Shima
    Found in NGC 5685 at R.A. = 14h36m16s.010, Decl. = +29°54'22".60
    Located 8".8 east and 7".7 south of the center of NGC 5685 (Discovery image) (Masanori Mizutani image) (Kunihiro Shima image) (Kunihiro Shima image) (Kunihiro Shima image)
    Mag 18.6:1/7 (17.7:1/2), Type Ia (zhost=0.034611) (References: Gaia observations)

    2017A, TNS discovered 2017/01/01.226 by Grzegorz Duszanowicz, Michal Zolnowski (RANSSP)
    Found in UGC 10104 at R.A. = 15h57m28s.350, Decl. = +30°03'39".10
    Located 5".0 east and 3".0 north of the center of UGC 10104 (Discovery image) (Grzegorz Duszanowicz image)
    Mag 17.4:1/1, Type Ia (z=0.0328) (zhost=0.032826) (References: ATEL 9993)

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