Bright Supernovae pages - Updates 2011

Please note that this is an archive of the changes made on the Bright Supernovae pages and that this page is not maintained. The latest updates can be found on the updates page. The latest links can be found on the links page.


  • 2011/10/06: Noticed that the icon for MASTER PGC1375631 looked suspiciously like 2011ft (fixed)
  • 2011/04/20: Odd Trondal noticed that the host galaxy of PSN J16334944+3915487 is, as announced, IC 4612.
  • 2011/04/19: Joe Brimacombe noticed that the entry I had created for SSS110408:095830-105315 was actually a duplicate of 2011R (Errata: note that I had this marked as a Type Ia, the original data I was give says Type II (which agrees with 2011R). My mistake)
  • 2011/02/27: The discovery image of PSN J14290502+4154427 (later 2011ai) was incorrect.   Error persisted for 2 days.

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