Supernova 2005cs in M51

This page is devoted to information on Supernova 2005cs in NGC 5194 (= M51).   Basic information on this SN, including the last reported brightness, on this Supernova can be found on the main page.  Information on the original web pages for many of these images can be found on the updates and links web pages.

sn05cs_i.jpg Discovered by amateur Wolfgang Kloehr (Germany) [Translate].   This is a type II found on the rise.   Note that the SN is slightly reddened by galactic dust.   We have SNWeb photometry reference image with one star Odd Trondal photometry reference image showing several stars.   Icon generated from R Jay GaBany image.   This supernova is in the Constellation Canes Venatici.

The following is a list of images of this SN, in chronological order. Click on the name in the "Image Credit" column to see the image. Times and dates are in UT unless otherwise noted. If you know of any others, please tell me!
Image CreditDateMagFilterComments
HST image 2005/01/CProgenitor, Very very much bigger version (This image will crash a small computer)
Dale J. Chatham image 2005/06/26.176CPrediscovery?
Jean-Baptiste Marchetti image 2005/06/26.875CPrediscovery, TIFF (zip format)
M. Fiedler image 2005/06/26.933CPrediscovery
Mike Reid image 2005/06/27CPrediscovery, color, TIFF (zip format)
Uliano Bietola image 2005/06/27.899CPrediscovery
M. Fiedler image 2005/06/27.906CPrediscovery
P. Marek image 2005/06/27.91716.0CPrediscovery
P. Birtwhistle image 2005/06/27.93C mirror
W. Kloehr image 2005/06/27.93316.4
Discovery, mirror
P. Marek image 2005/06/27.96315.6C
William Phelps image 2005/06/28.302C
W. Kloehr image 2005/06/28.90715.3
TEVITOL image 2005/06/29.062C
Uliano Bietola image 2005/06/29.912C
K. Lavin image 2005/06/29.92513.9CR
LOSS image 2005/06/30.2513.5C
Koichi Itagaki image 2005/06/30.48414.0:Cconfirmation
SWIFT image 2005/06/30space telescope
Yasuo Sano image 2005/06/30.54114.21R mirror
Paolo Corelli image 2005/06/30.86014.0Cmirror
Joel Nicolas image 2005/06/30.88014.1Rc
Joel Nicolas image 2005/06/30.89114.6B
Günther Eder image 2005/06/30.89414.7C
Lode Stevens image 2005/06/30.896Ccolor
Joel Nicolas image 2005/06/30.90314.1Ic
Joel Nicolas image 2005/06/30.91214.3V
Joel Nicolas image 2005/06/30.92514.0CR
Diego Rodríguez image 2005/06/30.92613.92CRmirror
W. Kloehr image 2005/06/30.94515.1
D. Buczynski image 2005/06/30.956C
A. Sonka image 2005/06/30.956C
Lode Stevens image 2005/06/30.958C
Jeremy Shears image 2005/06/30.969C
Odd Trondal image 2005/06/30.983C
David Briggs image 2005/06/30.99114.3C mirror
Richard Miles image 2005/06/30.993C
W. Kloehr image 2005/07/01.059C
Michael Howell image 2005/07/01.292Ccolor, mirror
J. Jackson image 2005/07/01.481C
CAST image 2005/07/01.896C
Wojtek Koznowski image 2005/07/01.926C
Paolo Corelli image 2005/07/01.95014.1C
Peter Vasey image 2005/07/02.014.12C
M. Martignoni image 2005/07/02.0C
Josep-Lluis Salto image 2005/07/02.02113.66CR
John Gaham image 2005/07/02.104C
Stu Forster image 2005/07/02.125C
J. Melka image 2005/07/02.16713.8Cmirror
P. Louman image 2005/07/02.475C
Bill Keicher image 2005/07/02C
Enrico Prosperi image 2005/07/02.855C
Valerio Fosso image 2005/07/02.86113.66C
CROSS image 2005/07/02.89513.7Ccolor
M. Migliardi image 2005/07/02.90013.7C
Mark Armstrong image 2005/07/02.91714.4C
Joel Nicolas image 2005/07/02.92214.0Rc
F. Bigey image 2005/07/02.929C
Joel Nicolas image 2005/07/02.93414.2V
Vince Tuboly image 2005/07/02.95113.9C
Joel Nicolas image 2005/07/02.95913.8Ic
Joel Nicolas image 2005/07/02.96914.5B
Patrick Louman image 2005/07/02.974C
Joel Nicolas image 2005/07/02.98114.1CR
Wade Van Arsdale image 2005/07/02.993Ccolor
Ivaldo Cervini image 2005/07/02.993Ccolor
Pedro Re image 2005/07/03.0C
Kevin Alton image 2005/07/03.09513.9C
J. Hannon image 2005/07/03.109C
Len Marek image 2005/07/03C
Jäger image 2005/07/03Ccolor
Kevin Wigell image 2005/07/03Ccolor
Vince Tuboly image 2005/07/03.875C
A. O. U. Z. image 2005/07/03.883C
R. Piffl image 2005/07/03.9C
Albert Sŕnchez Caso 2005/07/03.92614.29CR
Markus Bütikofer image 2005/07/03.94Ccolor
J. Ladra image 2005/07/03.95614.3C
W. Kloehr image 2005/07/03.98115.14
P. Plait image 2005/07/04.000color
A. Garcia image 2005/07/04.201
Rodrigo Losada image 2005/07/04.97914.2CR
Richard Miles image 2005/07/04.996
Miguel Rodríguez image 2005/07/05.00314.06VI
Paul Smeets image 2005/07/05CAnimated GIF
Joel Nicolas image 2005/07/05.88313.9CR
Joel Nicolas image 2005/07/05.89514.0Rc
Joel Nicolas image 2005/07/05.90913.8Ic
Ed Johnson image 2005/07/06.250C
R Jay GaBany image 2005/07/06.292RGBcolor, WOW! before and after image, larger version, APOD mirror
Albert Sŕnchez Caso image 2005/07/06.86314.38CR
Marco Cianci image 2005/07/06.87513.5:C
Günther Eder image 2005/07/06.96614.3C
P. Britwhistle image 2005/07/06.99414.25C
Jeff Terry image 2005/07/08.2Ccolor, Animation
J. Porto image 2005/07/09.000C
W. Kloehr image 2005/07/09.023C
Rob Johnson image 2005/07/09.341C
Joe Bauman image 2005/07/09.351Ccolor
Martin Mobberley image 2005/07/09.913C
W. Kloehr image 2005/07/10.96614.02C
Ron Arbour image 2005/07/10.991Cmirror
HST image 2005/07/11C Space telescope, showing projenator
W. Kloehr image 2005/07/11.95414.14
Don Wheeler image 2005/07/12Cbefore and after image
W. Kloehr image 2005/07/12.94215.2
W. Kloehr image 2005/07/13.92714.21C
Remanzacco Obs image 2005/07/14.885Rmirror
Claudine Rinner image 2005/07/14.91014.0CR
Günther Eder image 2005/07/14.94014.0C
Enrico Prosperi image 2005/07/15.8514.27C
Albert Sanchez image 2005/07/15.87314.41C
Pedro Ré image 2005/07/15.90714.52C animated GIF
Miguel Rodríguez image 2005/07/15.93814.39CV
W. Kloehr image 2005/07/17.90214.20C
Günther Eder image 2005/07/17.91714.0C
Miguel Rodríguez image 2005/07/18.93314.4CV
W. Kloehr image 2005/07/19.95214.20C
W. Kloehr image 2005/07/20.90214.30C
R. Poncy image 2005/07/21.86114.4C
Yasuo Sano image 2005/07/22.49114.28C
Denis Joye image 2005/07/24.918C
Joel Nicolas image 2005/07/25.84814.30C
Enrico Prosperi image 2005/07/27.8214.21R
Günther Eder image 2005/07/27.90314.1C
Enrico Prosperi image 2005/07/30.8214.45C
W. Kloehr image 2005/07/30.977C
B. Beaver image 2005/07/31.083C
J. Gruber image 2005/08/01.432C
Gunther Fleerackers image 2005/08/02.89814.43V
J. Geheniau image 2005/08/03.958C
Job Gehéniau image 2005/08/03.97914.5C
Diego Rodríguez image 2005/08/04.87014.63C
Miguel Rodríguez image 2005/08/04.92714.43CV
Albert Sánchez image 2005/08/05.84814.48C
JM Llapasset image 2005/08/05.86214.3CRmirror
JM Llapasset image 2005/08/05.86713.9Icmirror
JM Llapasset image 2005/08/05.87314.25Rmirror
JM Llapasset image 2005/08/05.87714.5Vmirror
Wolfgang Kloehr image 2005/08/10.91714.49C
Albert Sanchez image 2005/08/12.84714.32CR
Wolfgang Kloehr image 2005/08/13.88014.44C
Ken Levin image 2005/08/22.05914.16
Albert Sanchez image 2005/08/22.85414.14CR
Rodrigo Losada image 2005/08/24.85414.5C
Joel Nicolas image 2005/08/25.80514.1CR
Joel Nicolas image 2005/08/25.82014.6V
Joel Nicolas image 2005/08/25.83114.1Rc
Joel Nicolas image 2005/08/25.84113.7Ic
Joel Nicolas image 2005/08/25.85615.7B
Wolfgang Kloehr image 2005/08/28.851C
Arnaud Leroy image 2005/08/29.85414.2CR
Pedro Ré image 2005/08/29.85714.25C
Albert Sanchez image 2005/09/03.81214.53R
Ivar Hamberg image 2005/09/03.88914.6C
W. Kloehr image 2005/09/03.95914.35CR
Miguel Rodríguez image 2005/09/08.87414.52CV
A. F. Grillo image 2005/09/10.789C
Albert Sanchez image 2005/09/14.79915.52CR
Diego Rodriguez image 2005/09/19.76214.74CV
Albert Sanchez image 2005/09/20.78914.53CR
Albert Sanchez image 2005/09/26.76814.48CR
CROSS image 2005/12/0116.6color
Charles Bell 2006/01/06.50418.6Vcolor
Taurus Hill Observatory image 2006/01/13.017C
W. Kloehr image 2006/01/09.25016.9CR
W. Kloehr image 2006/01/29.24517.0CR
Taurus Hill Observatory image 2006/02/04.903LRGBcolor
Albert Sanchez image 2006/02/2517.6CR
Pedro Re' image 2006/02/28.069C
Diego Rodriguez image 2006/03/01.19517.75CR
Ron Arbour image 2006/03/01.991C
JM Llapasset image 2006/03/04.18817.5:CRmirror
Albert Sanchez 2006/03/0517.68CR
Pedro Re' image 2006/03/11.992C
Albert Sanchez image 2006/03/21.21617.62CR
W. Kloehr image 2006/03/24.08517.3CR
Albert Sanchez image 2006/04/01.98417.67CR
W. Kloehr image 2006/04/0617.3CR
Filip Fratev image 2006/04/10.078C
Pedro Re' image 2006/05/01C color image
Enrico Prosperi image 2006/06/23.84817.7CR

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