Supernova 2002bo in NGC 3190

This page is devoted to information on Supernova 2002bo in NGC 3190 Basic information on this SN, including the last reported brightness, on this Supernova can be found on the main page.  Information on the original web pages for many of these images can be found on the updates and links web pages.

sn02bo_i.jpg Discovered independantly by Paulo Cacella (Brasilia) and Yoji Hirose (Japan). A nice type Ia found in Leo, near the Virgo cluster, and easy shot. This appears to be a reddened sub-luminous type Ia supernova, found early. NGC 3189 is the southwestern side of NGC 3190. Bot NGC numbers are part of the same galaxy. NGC 3190 is the favored designation. We have a DSS Photometry reference image made by Odd Trondal.  Icon generated from the Pollux Observatory image.

sn02cv_i.jpg A group of Italian astronomers at Campo Imperatore Observatory were observing 2002bo when they discovered 2002cv, on the other side of the same galaxy. Two supernova in the same galaxy at the same time is a rare event! 2002cv is very unusual as it is only visible in IR. This is most likely due to it being behind a dust lane.

The following is a list of images of this SN, in chronological order. Click on the name in the "observer" column to see the image. Times and dates are in UT unless otherwise noted. If you know of any others, please tell me!
Image CreditDateMagFilterComments
Paulo Cacella image 2002/03/09.0816.8VDiscovery, local mirror
Paulo Cacella image 2002/03/09.20116.5V
LOTOSS image 2002/03/09.3116:CConfirmation
V. Gonano and
L. Monzo image
Remanzacco obs image 2002/03/09.98714.0C
Paulo Cacella image 2002/03/10.10416.2V
Roland Santallo image 2002/03/10.406C
Josch Hambsch image 2002/03/10.82615.2C
JM Llapasset image 2002/03/10.83216.4CR
Federico Manzini image 2002/03/10.85C B/W version
Rezman Obs image 2002/03/10.872C larger view, local mirror
CROSS image 2002/03/10.9315.7C
Paulo Cacella image 2002/03/11.0015.7V
CAST image 2002/03/1115.5C
Zorko Viear image 2002/03/11.95414.8C
YALO image 2002/03/12.015.25V
LOTOSS image 2002/03/12BVIcolor
R. Poncy image 2002/03/12.88815.5C
John N. Gretchen III image 2002/03/13.13114.0C color version
Pollux obs image 2002/03/13LRGBColor, WOW!
Candia Pablo image 2002/03/13C B/W image
Tomas Hynek image 2002/03/13.89714.0:C
JM Llapasset image 2002/03/14.03614.5CR
TorbjÝrn Fredriksen image 2002/03/14.84213.94C
Gy. M. Szabo et el image 2002/03/13.6V
Rodrigo Losada image 2002/03/15.0414.2C local mirror
Fred Ewalt image 2002/03/15.12914.39R comparison image
Diego Rodriguez image 2002/03/1613.8C
Gy. M. Szabo et el image 2002/03/16BVI
Fred Ewalt image 2002/03/17.10313.59C color version
Tom Eby image 2002/03/17.260C
Fiedlet and Bohme image 2002/03/17.923C
JM Llapasset image 2002/03/17.83514.0CR
Rafael Ferrando image 2002/03/17.93913.6CR
JM Llapasset image 2002/03/19.81613.9CR
JM Llapasset image 2002/03/20.83513.8CR
CROSS image 2002/03/20.8514.0C
Josch Hambsch image 2002/03/21.85314.6C
JM Llapasset image 2002/03/21.81113.8CR
Pedro Re' image 2002/03/22.872C
Claude Boivin image 2002/03/23.18013.7CR
J. Nicolas image 2002/03/23.85713.7CR
Eric Barbotin image 2002/03/24.210CR
JM Llapasset image 2002/03/24.81013.8CR
D. Lefoulon image 2002/03/2513.7CR
Josch Hambsch image 2002/03/27.90414.0C
JM Llapasset image 2002/03/27.83713.8CR
J. Nicolas image 2002/03/28.82013.8CR
Josch Hambsch image 2002/03/28.89114.0C
Paulo Cacella image 2002/03/29.09013.8V
Paulo Cacella image 2002/03/29.92414.0V
Diego Rodriguez image 2002/03/30.97513.8V
JM Llapasset image 2002/03/31.86714.0CR
Paulo Cacella image 2002/03/31.93713.8V
Rezman Obs image 2002/04/01.793C
Josch Hambsch image 2002/04/01.94914.2C
Kopernik image 2002/04/02.09014.2C
Ole Nielsen image 2002/04/04C
D Lefoulon image 2002/04/04.86214.2CR
CAST image 2002/04/0413.8C
Dirk van den Herik image 2002/04/05C
Claude Boivin image 2002/04/06.14714.1CR
Claude Boivin image 2002/04/07.07214.3CR
B Thinius image 2002/04/08.079CR
D Lefoulon image 2002/04/08.89714.3CR
Claudine Rinner image 2002/04/08.91414.1CR
J.B. De Vanssay image 2002/04/08.92614.3CR
Josch Hambsch image 2002/04/08.92614.3CR
AppalachianIntro Image 2002/04/11C
Arnaud Leroy image 2002/04/13.876CR
Claude Boivin image 2002/04/15.04814.3CR
Pedro Re' image 2002/04/15.85915.64C
Rui Goncalves image 2002/04/15.95014.5CR
Diego Rodriguez image 2002/04/15.98014.2CR
Fred Ewalt Image 2002/04/16.04313.9C
Didier Lefoulon image 2002/04/16.961CR
Raymond Poncy image 2002/04/16.87914.5CR
JoŽl Nicolas image 2002/04/16.97114.5CR
Bastia Obs image 2002/04/1714.6C
Alessandro Bologna image 2002/04/20C
Paulo Cacella image 2002/04/20.93116.4
Didier Lefoulon image 2002/04/24.861CR
J. B. De Vanssay image 2002/04/24.94514.8CR
Claude Boivin image 2002/04/28.06715.1CR
Paulo Cacella image 2002/04/28.96615.4
Diego Rodriguez image 2002/04/29.89014.9CR
Valerio Fosso image 2002/04/29.896C mirror, reversed image
Paulo Cacella image 2002/04/29.98615.4
Claude Boivin image 2002/04/30.09215.2CR
Albert Sanchez image 2002/04/30.86716.1C
JoŽl Nicolas image 2002/04/30.862CR
JM Llapasset image 2002/04/30.880CR
Rafael Ferrando image 2002/04/30.88515.0CR
Josep Julia image 2002/04/30.96915.2CR
Paulo Cacella image 2002/05/01.95115.4
Claude Boivin image 2002/05/02.08415.6CR
Rafael Ferrando image 2002/05/04.84115.1CR
JoŽl Nicolas image 2002/05/05.935CR
Diego Rodriguez image 2002/05/11.92315.55CR
R. Poncy image 2002/05/12.88416.1CR
John Tran image 2002/05/13.15616.0:C
Campo Imperatore
Observatory image
2002/05/13.8 2002cv 15.7
2002cv 15.3
2002cv 14.4
2002cv < 20
2002cv Discovery image
larger version
JM Llapasset image 2002/05/14.8452002bo 16.0
2002cv < 20
K. Stanek image 2002/05/15.22002cv 19.0
2002cv 16.6
Showing both 2002bo and 2002cv
Pedro Re' image 2002/05/15.897C
JB DeVanssay image 2002/05/15.96415.5CR
D. Lefoulon image 2002/05/18.9152002bo 15.8:CR
Fred Ewalt image 2002/05/19.1152002bo 15.6
2002cv < 20
Esteban Reina Lorenz image 2002/05/19.914CR
Fred Ewalt image 2002/05/21.1082002bo 16.25
2002cv < 20
zoomed in version
Fred Ewalt image 2002/05/21.1232002bo 15.9
2002cv < 20
zoomed in version
Paulo Cacella image 2002/05/23.9932002bo 16.0V
JM Llapasset image 2002/05/24.8512002bo 16.1CR
JM Llapasset image 2002/05/24.8512002bo 16.1Rc
Paulo Cacella image 2002/05/25.0072002bo 16.0V
Paolo Corelli image 2002/05/29.925C
Albert Sanchez image 2002/05/30.8612002bo 16.7C
Gy. M. Szabo image 2002/06/082002bo
Pedro Re' image 2002/06/13.888C
John Tran image 2002/06/25.2292002bo 17.0C
Paulo Cacella image 2002/07/02.955C
Solar conjunction
ESO image 2003/03/26C

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