Supernova 2002ap in M74

This page is devoted to information on Supernova 2002ap in M74 Basic information on this SN, including the last reported brightness, on this Supernova can be found on the main page.  Information on the original web pages for many of these images can be found on the updates and links web pages.

sn02ap_i.gif Discovered by Japanese amateur Yoji Hirose during a full moon. (just like 1998bu). The spectrum of this thing looks interesting. It has similarities to 1998bw which was a GRB canditate.  This is a rare type of Ib/c supernovae called a Hypernova.  Maximum brightness 12.3 was reached on February 12th. The expected maximum was around mag 10. We have a DSS Photometry reference image made by Odd Trondal. Icon generated from the CfA image.

The following is a list of images of this SN, in chronological order. Click on the name in the "observer" column to see the image. Times and dates are in UT unless otherwise noted. If you know of any others, please tell me! RGBC
Image CreditDateMagFilterComments
INT image 2001/07CProgenitor, (in field?)
William Rogers image 2002/01/29.0415.2CPre Discovery
LOTOSS image 2002/01/29.214.4CConfirmation
Yasuo Sano image 2002/01/31.37513.4C mirror, local mirror
Josch Hambsch image 2002/01/31.75113.6C
Diego Rodríguez image 2002/01/31.77613.5V
Seikei High school image 2002/02/01.425C
CfA image 2002/02/01BVIcolor, WOW
Kamila Hornocha image 2002/02/01R
Tom McMahon image 2002/02/01.59713.2C
Rezman Obs image 2002/02/01.737C local mirror
Rafael Ferrando image 2002/02/01.78313.1CR local mirror
Scutum Obs image 2002/02/01.8C local mirror
Ljubljana High school image 2002/02/01.80413.5C
JM Llapasset image 2002/02/01.81013.2CR
Gyula P. Szokoly image 2002/02/01.81912.45KFITS format, notes
Gyula P. Szokoly image 2002/02/01.82512.61JFITS format, notes
Cedric Leyrat image 2002/02/01.91713.2CR
Larry Robinson image 2002/02/02.094C
Rob Simcoe and
Josh Bloom image
Rob Simcoe and
Josh Bloom image
Esteban Reina Lorenz image 2002/02/02.18413C
Paul Gitto image 2002/02/02CComparison image
Ondrej Pejcha and P. Sobotka image 2002/02/02VRIcolor
Rezman Obs image 2002/02/02C
Wendelstein Obs image 2002/02/02BVIcolor
Paolo Corelli image 2002/02/02.74512.4GRGB image
Josch Hambsch image 2002/02/02.75012.7C
Rafael Ferrando image 2002/02/02.78012.95CR local mirror
J. Nicolas image 2002/02/02.80713.0CR
Josep M. Bosch image 2002/02/02.81012.9CR
P. Dubreuil image 2002/02/02.81713.0CR
Ole Nielsen image 2002/02/02.82612.7C
Gyula P. Szokoly image 2002/02/02.82712.22KFITS format, notes
Gyula P. Szokoly image 2002/02/02.83212.46JFITS format, notes
Joaquin and Yago Ferreiros 2002/02/02.85813.0V V filter image
Remanzacco Obs 2002/02/02.900C local mirror, mirror
Paul Gitto image 2002/02/03.01512.4C comparison image
Kopernik image 2002/02/03.04213.36C
Rolando Ligustri image 2002/02/0312.5C
Gianluca Masi image 2002/02/03.76012.9R
Piergiorgio Ferrante image 2002/02/03.76112.7C local mirror
Scutum Obs image 2002/02/03.8C local mirror
Philip Keller and
Christian Fuchs image
2002/02/04RGBcolor, wow!
P. Dubreuil image 2002/02/03.88112.8CR
Kereszty Zsolt image 2002/02/04C color version
Wise Obs image 2002/02/04?RGBColor
JM Llapasset image 2002/02/04.76512.4CR
Joel Nicolas image 2002/02/04.83712.5CR
Odd Trondal image 2002/02/04.88812.4CR
Fred Ewalt image 2002/02/05.01612.3C color version
Stefan Lilge image 2002/02/05.74312.1C
Scutum Obs image 2002/02/05.8C local mirror
Matt Seegers image 2002/02/06C
D Lefoulon image 2002/02/06.80612.2CR
Martin Mobberley image 2002/02/06.873Cmirror
Paolo Corelli image 2002/02/07.76112.1C
J. Nicolas image 2002/02/07.78512.3CR
L. Brunetto image 2002/02/07.86712.6CR
John N. Gretchen III image 2002/02/08.12512.6C color version
UMBC telescope image 2002/02/08Ccolor
Arne Danielsen image 2002/02/08.77012.5CR
Torbjørn Fredriksen image 2002/02/08.75912.68C
JM Llapasset image 2002/02/08.77412.2CR
Rafael Ferrando image 2002/02/08.81512.65CR
Gerardo Jiménez image 2002/02/08.83012.2C
Pedro Re' image 2002/02/08.83212.53C comparison images, Animated GIF
Pierre Dubreuil image 2002/02/08.833C
Fred Ewalt image 2002/02/08.99512.3C color version, comparison images
Richard Robinson image 2002/02/09.00712.04C
Phil Sullivan image 2002/02/09.35012.31V
Rafael Ferrando image 2002/02/09.78012.60CR
Nick James image 2002/02/09.786C
Kovács Attila image 2002/02/10C
Tordai Tamás image 2002/02/10C
Stig Foss image 2002/02/10.79712.7R
Kereszty Zsolt image 2002/02/10.78812.34V
JM Llapasset image 2002/02/11.76412.2CR
JM Llapasset image 2002/02/12.80712.3CR
J Nicolas image 2002/02/12.82112.3CR
J. Blanco image 2002/02/12.855C
L. Brunetto image 2002/02/12.86612.60CR
Yasuo Sano image 2002/02/13.38812.29CR
Stig Foss image 2002/02/13.79912.7R
Pedro Re' image 2002/02/13.81112.6C
Martin Mobberley image 2002/02/13.865C
Martin Mobberley image 2002/02/14.803C mirror
Fred Ewalt image 2002/02/15.02312.46C
Seikei High School image 2002/02/15.38212.8C
Martin Mobberley image 2002/02/15.809C
Martin Mobberley image 2002/02/16.802C
Martin Mobberley image 2002/02/18.786C
J. Nicolas image 2002/02/18.80712.6CR
J. Nicolas image 2002/02/19.79012.7CR
Stig Foss image 2002/02/20.76713.1R
J. Nicolas image 2002/02/21.80712.8CR
JM Llapasset image 2002/02/22.77012.8CR
Rafael Ferrando image 2002/02/22.83113.04CR
John N. Gretchen III image 2002/02/23.04112.957C color version
Rafael Ferrando image 2002/02/23.80413.11CR
J. Nicolas image 2002/02/24.81213.0CR
CROSS image 2002/02/25.8013.36C
Martin Mobberley image 2002/02/27.823C
Rafael Ferrando image 2002/03/02.80513.60CR
JM Llapasset image 2002/03/03.77513.5CR
J Nicolas image 2002/03/03.79013.4CR
H. Motegi image 2002/03/04C
JB. De Vanssay image 2002/03/04.82413.4CR
H. Motegi image 2002/03/07C
Martin Mobberley image 2002/03/07.825C
J Nicolas image 2002/03/07.819CR
JM Llapasset image 2002/03/08.788CR
R Poncy image 2002/03/10.793CR
JM Llapasset image 2002/03/10.78913.8CR
J. Nicolas image 2002/03/10.79713.8CR
Solar Conjunction
R Poncy image 2002/07/12.11915.7CR
F. Dubreuil image 2002/08/04.081CR
JM Llapasset image 2002/08/13.11716.6CR
F. Dubreuil image 2002/08/14.01216.5CR mirror
F. Dubreuil image 2002/08/14.02616.61CR
JM Llapasset image 2002/08/14.09316.6CR
JM Llapasset image 2002/08/14.10616.3Rc
Rezman Obs image 2002/08/18.094C
J Nicolas image 2002/08/19.05617.0CR
F. Dubreuil image 2002/09/01.00217.0CR
A. Leroy image 2002/09/07.95416.9CR
Ota Observatory image 2002/09/11CR
C. Dupuy image 2002/09/12.98717.1CR
A. Leroy image 2002/09/14.01417.0CR
JM Llapasset image 2002/09/16.06317.0CR
D. Lefoulon image 2002/09/17.10917.2:CR
A. Leroy image 2002/10/04.98717.5CR
C. Dupuy image 2002/10/05.00417.5CR
Josep M. Bosch image 2002/10/07.98CR
Rafael Freeando image 2002/10/26.95517.7CR Animated GIF showing asteroid 1998SY101
Fred Ewalt image 2002/10/29.09018.2CR
Derrick Farley image 2002/11/color
Martin Mobberley image 2002/11/26.79218.7C mirror, local mirror
Paulo Cacella image 2002/12/01.028 click here first
Fred Ewalt image 2002/12/21.99119.25C

If you have observations of this Supernova, please send them to, and/or (a SIG set up especially for this supernova). Use this VSNet data query to see what information has been reported so far.
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