Other Extragalactic Novae

Much of this data comes from IAU Circulars and occasionally more data will be provided on IAU's Astronomical Headlines page.   Also, see W. Pietsch's M31 (apparent) optical nova catalogue, M33 novae catalog, and M81 novae catalog

This is a list of historical extragalactic novae.  

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NGC 2366 V1, ASPC 2005 discovered 1996/01/01.000 by Laurent Drissen and Veronique Petit
Found in NGC 2366 at R.A. = 07h28m27s.30, Decl. = +69°10'55".5
Located 0" east and 0" north of the center of NGC 2366
Mag 17.4:1/1/1998, Type LBV (z=0.000267) (References: PH 8221)

M33 varC (= W31284), ATEL 5362 discovered 1953/01/01.000 by Edwin Hubble
Found in M33 at R.A. = 01h33m35s.13, Decl. = +30°36'00".8
Located 203".5 west and 216".2 south of the center of M33 (Joseph Brimacombe image)
Mag 15.5:3/6 (15.0:10/31), Type LBV (z=-0.000597) (References: ATEL 5538)
M33 varC images sub-page

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