2019 Supernova Boneyard

Welcome to the Boneyard.   On this page you will find entries for objects that have been confirmed as Cataclysmic variables, asteriods (otherwise known as Vermin of the sky), or some other non extragalactic event.   Why keep them around? Because you never know when something like this will come back to life...

AT2019aajn (= PGIR20djo), TNS discovered 2019/03/18.540 by Gattini_Bot at R.A. = 19h03m56s.171, Decl. = +09°01'56".95 Mag 13.0:3/18, Type CV

AT2019aaii (= PGIR20dci), TNS discovered 2019/08/31.460 by Gattini_Bot at R.A. = 00h52m19s.702, Decl. = +56°34'03".71 Mag 15.9:8/31, Type CV

AT2019aafo (= PGIR20ekz), TNS discovered 2019/07/21.250 by PGIR at R.A. = 17h38m35s.102, Decl. = -25°19'02".87 Mag 9.5:7/21, Type CV (References: ATEL 14014)

AT2019xim (= ASASSN-19ado) (= Gaia20abm), TNS discovered 2019/12/16.930 by All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN)
Found in an anonymous galaxy at R.A. = 02h15m29s.990, Decl. = +57°17'53".45
Located 0".0 east and 0".0 north of the center of the host galaxy
Mag 13.9:12/22, Type CV (References: Gaia observations)

  • AT2019wio (= ZTF19acdrmqj) (= Gaia20awf) discovered 2019/12/10.302 at R.A. = 05h15m45s.902, Decl. = +34°13'45".51 Mag 18.4:2/17, Type CV (host anonymous galaxy) (References: TNS, ZTF observations, Gaia observations)