2009 Supernova Boneyard

Welcome to the Boneyard.   On this page you will find entries for objects that have been confirmed as Cataclysmic variables, asteriods (otherwise known as Vermin of the sky), or some other non extragalactic event.   Why keep them around? Because you never know when something like this will come back to life...

Variable Star near MCG +06-49-68, CBET 1966 discovered 2009/09/22.21 by Jack Newton, R. Gagliano, and Tim Puckett; LOSS at R.A. = 22h39m58s.36, Decl. = +34°23'05".5 Mag 18.1, Type VS (LOSS Discovery image) (References: (CBET 1965 corrected))

CSS090826:223958+231837 ATEL 2654, discovered 2009/08/26 by Catalina Real-Time Transient Survey at R.A. = 22h39m58s.0, Decl. = +23°18'37".0 Mag 22.0, Type CV

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