Supernova 1999by in NGC 2841

This page is devoted to information on Supernova 1999by in NGC 2841. Basic information on this SN, including the last reported brightness, on this Supernova can be found on the Bright supernova - 1999 page. Information on the original web pages for many of these images can be found on the Supernova links web page.

Maximum brightness on this supernova occurred sometime around May 12th 1999 when it reached mag 13.2 (computed by taking an average of the observations done that day). This SN is now starting to slowly fade. There is a bright star (mag about 11.1) located 11".7 west and 29".5 north of the supernova.

I decided to take a couple of days off and visit my folks up in the St. Lawrence river valley. When I got back I discovered this SN backed up in my e-mail folder. 1999by was discovered by both Ron Arbour and the Lick Observatory Supernova Search team while it was still getting brighter. This SN is already the brightest this year, passing 1999ac and 1999aa very quickly. n2841s15.jpg
"The rise and fall of 1999by" - Yasuro Sano

Web pages dedicated to this SN.

  • AUDE has a 1999by page in French [Translate]
  • VSNet has a 1999by page.
  • M1 Supernova Search has a 1999by page.
  • AAVSO now has Alert 258 which talks about 1999by.
  • The Astronomer has a 1999by page
  • Seiichi Yoshida's Latest Pictures of Novae and Supernovae page has a 1999by sub page.
  • Ernô Berkó CCD Photos page has a number of 1999by images.
  • Konkoly Observatory 1999by images
  • Pedro Re' animated gif image

    Finder Charts:

  • N. Fukahara finder chart general star field (showing UMa)
  • Masao Funada finder chart 4 degree view
  • Masao Funada finder chart showing stars in NGC 2841 w/ 1999by
  • AAVSO finder chart.
  • O. Midtskogen finder chart

    The following is a list of images of this SN, in chronological order. Click on the name in the "observer" column to see the image.
    If you know of any others, please tell me! Relinked 2016/03/26dead link
    LOSS 4/25/99CPre Discovery
    Ron Arbour 4/28.8786/99CPre Discovery
    LOSS 4/30.2/9915.9CDiscovery
    Erno Berko 4/30.826/9915.5CDiscovery
    Ron Arbour 4/30.8749/9915.1CDiscovery
    LOSS 5/1.2/9915.3C
    Marko Moilanen 5/2.045/9914.2C
    LOSS 5/2.2/9914.8C
    Y. Sano 5/2.549/9914.23C
    LOSS image UndatedCColor
    Hradec Kralove Observatory Undated13.5C
    D. Hanzl 5/2/9914.6V
    Odd Trondal 5/3/99 23:32 UT14.5C
    Erno Berko 5/3.851/9914.0C
    Josep MŞ Bosch 5/3.91/9914.15C
    Diego Rodríguez 5/3.92/9914.15C
    Denis Buczynski 5/3.95001/9914.08C
    Hans Dannhoff image 5/4/99 00:11 UT13.3C
    DAX Observatory 5/4.873/9913.77C
    Beaver Meadow Observatory
    Buffalo Astronomical Association
    Mike Schwartz 5/5.18/99C
    Phil Sullivan 5/5.3/99
    DAX Observatory 5/5.88813.6C
    Erno Berko 5/5.896/9913.9C
    Marko Moilanen 5/5.979/9913.5C
    KenIchi Kadota
    Seiichi Yoshida
    5/6/99 20:27:16 JST13.8C
    Larry Robinson 5/6.1/99C
    Bob Kuberek 5/6.194/99C
    Yasuo Sano 5/6.503/9913.3C
    Kereszty Zsolt 5/6.829/9913.4C
    Torbjřrn Fredriksen 5/6/99 21:3013.6C
    David Strange 5/6/99 21:58C Mirror
    CfA 5/6/99C
    KenIchi Kadota
    Seiichi Yoshida
    5/7/99 19:33:49 JST13.8C
    Alain MOISSON 5/8/9913.15C
    Maximo Suarez Tejera 5/8.9896/99C
    Rafael Ferrando image 5/9.010/9913.34C
    KenIchi Kadota
    Seiichi Yoshida
    5/9/99 00:21:06 JST13.3C
    Rafael Ferrando 5/9.010/9913.34C
    Antonio Torres 5/9.052/9914.03C
    Mike Borman 5/9.222/99C
    Norbert Stapper image 5/9/99 22:51C
    Erno Berko 5/9.833/9913.3C
    Rolando Ligustri Observatory 5/9.851/99C
    Marco Negri
    Gerardo Sbarufatti
    Yasuo Sano 5/10.467/9912.96C With 5/2 and 5/6 images
    Maro Motta image 5/10/99C
    Gy. Szabó, B. Csák 5/10.7986/99C
    Kereszty Zsolt 5/10.8076/9913.2C
    DAX Observatory 5/10.907/9913.0C
    Marko Moilanen 5/10.986/9913.1C
    Kopernik image 5/11.054/99 3:15 UTC
    T.I.E. Program 5/11.646/99C
    DAX Observatory 5/11.922/9913.02C
    Rodrigo Losada image 5/11.981/99C
    Ernô Berkó 5/13/99 20:16 UT13.1C
    Konkoly Observatory 5/15/99BW original
    Arno van Werven 5/15.137/99C
    Ernô Berkó 5/15/99 19:55 UT13.3C
    Ernô Berkó 5/16/99 19:30 UT13.3C
    Ca' Bionda Observatory UndatedC
    Johannes Walter image UndatedC
    Arno van Werven 5/17.109/99C
    Ernô Berkó 5/17/99 19:33 UT13.4C
    KenIchi Kadota
    Seiichi Yoshida
    5/17/99 20:44 JST13.5C
    Werner Sabo image 5/18/99C
    Ernô Berkó 5/18/99 19:40 UTC
    Iver Tidemand et al. image 5/18.958/99C
    KenIchi Kadota
    Seiichi Yoshida
    5/19/99 20:32 JST13.9C
    Konkoly Observatory 5/19.871/99R
    Konkoly Observatory 5/19.871/99GW
    APO image 5/20/99 3:44 UTCNice
    Marko Moilanen 5/20.986/9913.6C
    Ernô Berkó 5/21/99 19:36 UTC
    Yasuro Sano 5/22.512/9913.5C Shows the rise and
    fall with 8 images
    Luis Hernandez
    5/22/99 23:43 UTC
    Ernô Berkó 5/23/99 21:02 UT14.3C
    Stephane and
    Didier Morata
    5/23/99 23:00 UTV,R,Icolor Dead Link?
    Pedro Ré image 5/24/99 22:20 UT14.06C Comparison image
    Ernô Berkó 5/25/99 19:46 UT14.4C
    Ernô Berkó 5/26/99 19:48 UT15.5C
    Ernô Berkó 5/27/99 19:47 UTC
    Ernô Berkó 5/28/99 19:56 UTC
    KenIchi Kadota
    Seiichi Yoshida
    5/30/99 20:39 JST14.5C
    Ernô Berkó 6/1/99 19:54 UTC
    Ernô Berkó 6/3/99 20:21 UTC
    Pedro Ré image 6/3/99 21:52 UT14.92C
    Pedro Ré image 6/5/99 22:24 UT15.07C
    FERRERO and PUGLIESI image 6/5/99 23:00 UTC
    DAX Observatory image 6/8.902/9914.8C
    Pedro Ré image 6/9/99 21:4314.75C
    KenIchi Kadota
    Seiichi Yoshida
    6/12/99 20:28 JST15.3C
    Pedro Ré image 6/21/99 21:2515.2C
    Pedro Ré image 6/28/99 21:3515.6C
    Marko Moilanen
    Aki Id
    9/12.087/9917.8C full resolution
    L. Kiss, K. Sárneczky,
    Gy. Szabó image

    Light curves and Spectra:

  • DDO Spectrum
  • CfA Spectra taken on May 8, 1999
  • CfA Spectra Please note the comments on the CfA List of Recent Supernovae. Taken on May 6 1999
  • Worcester Park Observatory Spectrum
  • Guy Hurst light curve
  • AUDE has a 1999by light curve
  • Ernô Berkó light curve
  • VSNET Light curve (requires JAVA).
    If you have observations of this Supernova, please send them to .jp. Use this VSNet data query to see what information has been reported so far. Other VSNet data on this SN:
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    Latest Photometry:

  • [vsnet-recent 13150] SN1999by early photometry (update)
  • [vsnet-recent 19231] SN1999by recent (cont'd)
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