Extragalactic Novae - 2020

Much of this data comes from IAU Circulars and occasionally more data will be provided on IAU's Astronomical Headlines page. An archive of the 2020 updates to this page is available.

SNWeb is now collecting observations on extragalactic novae.   Announced Extragalactic Novae will have a link on the main page that points to this one.   Please note that I do not keep track of galactic novae.  

For current Novae, please see the main Extragalactic Novae page

AT2020aow, TNS discovered 2020/01/01.151 by Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF)
Found in M31 at R.A. = 00h44m53s.708, Decl. = +41°36'00".30
Located 0".0 east and 0".0 north of the center of M31
Mag 20.3:1/1, Type unknown (References: ZTF observations)

AT2020aaf (= MASTER OT J004408.57+411638.0), TNS discovered 2020/01/13.838 by MASTER
Found in M31 at R.A. = 00h44m08s.570, Decl. = +41°16'38".00
Located 0".0 east and 0".0 north of the center of M31
Mag 19.4:1/13, Type unknown

AT2020B (= XM22MZ), TNS discovered 2020/01/01.523 by Xingming Observatory Sky Survey (XOSS)
Found in M31 at R.A. = 00h41m48s.990, Decl. = +41°05'22".60
Located 623".8 west and 645".9 south of the center of M31 (Discovery images)
Mag 19.8:1/1, Type unknown

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