Much of this data comes from CBET Circulars and occasionally more data will be provided on IAU's Astronomical Headlines page. CBET now has an M31 novae page, M33 novae page, and an M81 novae page.   An archive of the updates to this page is available.

CBET has a naming convention now for novae in M31 (now extended to Novae in M33 and M81).   This convention is YYYY-MMa, where YYYY is the year and MM is the 2-digit month of discovery, and 'a' is a lower-case letter (a, b, c, etc.) representing the order of discovery within that month.   Novae in the megellanic clouds are named with the year followed by a number.   Also, see W. Pietsch's M31 (apparent) optical nova catalogue Please note that I do not keep track of galactic novae.  


Nova M31 2015-05b? (= PNV J00431911+4116082), ATEL 7554 discovered 2015/05/22.046 by Kamil Hornoch and Hana Kucakova
Found in M31 at R.A. = 00h43m19s.11, Decl. = +41°16'08".2
Located 392".2 east and 0".3 south of the center of M31 (Discovery image)
Mag 16.2:5/25, Type unknown (References: ATEL 7564 CBAT TOCP)

Nova M31 2015-05a? (= PNV J00424660+4117553), ATEL 7492 discovered 2015/05/11.065 by Kamil Hornoch and Katerina Honkova
Found in M31 at R.A. = 00h42m46s.60, Decl. = +41°17'55".3
Located 25".7 east and 106".8 north of the center of M31 (Discovery image)
Mag 18.1:5/11, Type unknown (References: CBAT TOCP)

Nova M31 2015-04a? (= PNV J00414894+4109173), CBAT TOCP discovered 2015/04/29.771 by Koichi Itagaki; Kamil Hornoch and Hana Kucakova
Found in M31 at R.A. = 00h41m48s.94, Decl. = +41°09'17".3
Located 624".3 west and 411".1 south of the center of M31 (Discovery image) (K. Hornoch image)
Mag 17.4:4/29, Type unknown (References: ATEL 7462)

Nova M31 2015-01a? (= PNV J00420807+4055013), (= MASTER OT J004207.99+405501.1), ATEL 6911 discovered 2015/01/13.632 by MASTER robotic Net
Found in M31 at R.A. = 00h42m07s.99, Decl. = +40°55'01".1
Located 411" west and 1267" south of the center of M31 (Discovery image) (Evgeni P. Ovcharov image) (Gianpiero Locatelli image) (Koichi Itagaki image) (MASTER animation) (Kunihiro Shima image) (Gianpiero Locatelli image)
Mag 17.3:3/14 (15.1:1/21), Type LRN (Sofia spectrum) (Sofia Light curve) (MASTER light curve) (References: ATEL 6924, 6941, 6951, 6952, 6985, 7150, 7235, 7272, CBET TOCP)

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