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Earth - Meteor

  • 002_bp_meteror_bed.jpg Ruth Hamilton, sleeping in bed on October 3rd at 11:35PM when this crashed through her ceiling and landed beside her head. Vancouver BC. article
  • 003_bc_meteorite.png 2.8 pounds. "Hammer stone" could be worth $125,000 article
  • 009_enigma-diamond-sothbys-auction.jpg Enigma Diamond, 555.5 Caret black diamond from space article
  • 015_Klet_Observatory_sees_asteroid_2022_EB5_13_minutes_before_impact_pillars.png Klet Observatory spotted this asteroid on March 11th. 3 minutes later is entered the atmosphere. 5th time article

    Earth - Weather

  • 021_ever_given.png Ever Given wedged in Suez Canal March 23 article
  • 022_ships_california.png Ships waiting to be unloaded, Long Beach CA Article
  • 023_an225.jpg Antonov AN-225 destroyed by Russian shells. article
  • 025_zipeta_reactor-map-wide.jpg Zaporizhzhia Nuclear reactor, attached on March 4th. 3rd Largest reactor on the planet article
  • 027_ukrane_2022.jpg Sateillite imgae of Ukraine, March 8 2022. Power is out.
  • 030_antartica_heat.png It is 70F degrees above normal in eastern Antartica. article
  • 032_antartic_max_temp.png Temperature graph, antartica. graph
  • 034_conger_ice_shelf.jpg The Conger Ice sheet has collapsed. article
  • 040_lapalma_sat.jpg Island of La Palma after Dec 25 eruption. Article
  • 042_tonga-volcano-exlarge-169.jpg Undersea volcano near Tonga explodes 1/15/2022, tusnami article
  • 043_hunga_tonga_hunga_haapai_rgb_8640px-1024x768.jpg Undersea volcano near Tonga explodes 1/15/2022, tusnami article
  • 045_hurricane_ida.jpg Catagory 5 hurricane Ida from ISS. Article
  • 050_napal_landsat9.jpg LandSat 9 takes its first shot. Nepal. article

    Earth - Telescopes

  • 060_nasa-adds-giant-new-di.jpg DSS-53 another new antenna for the Deep Space network article
  • 064_LOFAR-1720x1080.jpg LOFAR, a radio telescope in Norway, finds that ligthning starts in the clouds article
  • 068_fast_frb.jpg FAST in China detecting FRBs article
  • 080_satellites-970-80.jpg Meteor Network camera, North Oxfordshire England. Airplanes are dotted lines. Article

    Earth - Launches

  • 102_nrol111_1.jpg NRO launch, June 20, 2021, pad 0B Wallops Island, Virgina, Minotaur 1 rocket, (minute man) made in 1966. article
  • 105_artimus.png Artimus moon vehical, shuttle engines and boosters article
  • 110_va255.jpg Ariane 5 launches from French Guiana, Largest payload into Geosync orbit article
  • 112_spin_launch.png Spin Launch - sub orbital test flight article
  • 120_virgin_galactic_release.png SpaceShipTwo Unity, July 11, 2021. Richard Branson finally gets his flight article
  • 121_branson_in_space.jpg Richard Branson in space article
  • 130_blue_origin_launch_jpg Blue Origin New Shepard, July 20, 2021. Jeff Bezos finally gets his flight. article
  • 131_Bezos-floating3.jpg Jeff Bezos in space
  • 133_ns18shatner3.jpg William Shatner in space on second flight article

    SpaceX - Elon Musk

  • 140_inspiration4-launch-unf.jpg Inspriation 4, 4 space tourest launched article
  • 141_inspiration4-first-day-in-space.jpg Inspriation 4, first day in space article
  • 142_inspiration4_copila.jpg Inspiration 4 cupola article
  • 143_inspiration4-splashdown.jpg Inspriation 4 splash down article
  • 150_asog1.jpg 20 Falcon 9 launches in beginning of 2022, new drone ship needed. "Shortfall of Gravitas" named after ship in Ian Banks novel. article
  • 152_spacex_launch.png Another batch of 47 starlink satellites, March 3, 2022. This is the 12th lunch for this booster. article
  • 154_falcon_9_rocket_garden.png Falcon heavy side booster delivered to Rocket garden at Kanaveral article
  • 160_Dragon_launch.jpg Dragon Crew launch from orbit. article
  • 162_Axiom_on_pad.png SpaceX Falcon9 AXIOM mission and SLS. article
  • 163_axiom_docking.png Private space flight AXIOM docking with ISS article


  • 170_iss_rosa_correct_channels.jpg New solar arrays being installed on ISS article
  • 171_iss_view.jpg The overview effect article
  • 172_dragon_leaves_station.jpg Dragon crew leaves ISS
  • 175_Nauka_docked_to_ISS.jpg New Nauka Russian space station segment, initially planned for 2007. Wikipedia
  • 176_prichal_iss.jpg Prichal module (docked on Nauka module), adds 4 more docking ports to iss. article
  • soyuzms18undock1.jpg Soyus MS-18/64S undocks from the space station with an actress on board. article
  • 179_iss_dexter.jpg ISS "Dexter" robot arms


  • 190_China_space_station.jpg China launches 3 people to their space station article
  • 191_china_dock.jpg They docked on June 17th article
  • 192_china_station_complete.png Tianhe space station, Will take 10 launches to complete article
  • 196_sj21_launch.jpg Shinjan-21 (SJ-21) launched in October 2021 (Long March-3B) just grabbed a Chinese satellite out of GeoSync orbit and moved it. article
  • 200_hst_2021.jpg HST 1980s ventage primary computer fault article
  • 202_ixpe_mission_16x9.png IXPE Xray telescope launched 12/9/2021 web page
  • 210_jwst.jpg The James Web Space Telescope
  • 211_jwst_colibri_1.jpg JWST finally maded it to the launch site article
  • 212_jwst_launch.jpg JWST launch
  • 215_jwst_deploy.jpg Deployment of JWST
  • 213_web_schedule.jpg Commisioning phase of JWST
  • 215_jwst_alighment.png JWST first image (still unfocused) 2/2/2022 article
  • 217_web_first_light.jpg First light. Star 2MASS J17554042+6551277 red filter article
  • 219_jwsg_gaia.png JWST from GAIA article
  • 220_lagrange.jpg Langrange point orbit of JWST


  • 230_moon_SPA.jpg South pole, Aitken Basin very old and large impact crater, 2,500 Km wide article
  • 232_apollo-16-s-ivb-impact-site-seen-by-lro.jpg LRO spots Apollo 16's booster rocket found 3/10 article
  • 240_china_lunar_rover_path.jpg On the dark side of the moon, Path of the chinese rover article
  • 241_china_moon_glass_spheres.png Finding small glass spheres on the surface, caused by impacts. article
  • 242_china_mystery_hut.jpg From the distance, as mysterious hut on the surface of the moon. article
  • 243_china_moon_rock_close.jpg The great arch on the moon turned out to be a big rock.
  • 248_apollo_17_sample.png After 50 years, NASA opened up one of the same core samples from Apollo 17 article
  • 250_lagrange_points.jpg Lagrange points
  • 252_earth_trojan.jpg Earth has a Trojan asteroid, 2020 XL5 orbits L4 1.2 KM wide (2010 TK7 also orbits L4) article
  • 255_2022es3.png On March 13th asteroid 2022ES3 (22 meters) passed slightly within the orbit of the moon. article


  • 270_SunEruption_SolarOrbiter_960.jpg Massive solar flar on the far side of the sun, January 30 2022 article
  • 275_wispr_image.jpg Parker Solar probe enters the Suns's carona article


  • 280_120791479_mercury2.jpg BepiColombo first Mercury swing by Article
  • 281_Mercury_tail.jpg Mercury has a tail. Made of Sodium original


  • 290_venus_tactonic.jpg Venus appears to have live tectonic faults. article


  • 303_ExoMars_Trace_Gas_Orbiter_maps_water-rich_region_of_Valles_Marineris_pillars.jpg ESA's ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter has hit a large amount of water ice in Valles Marineris article

    Mars Surface

  • 330_25947_1-PIA24622-web.jpg Curiosity Rover, monte Mercou article
  • 335_Curiosity-Finds-Bizarre-Rock-on-Mars-777x518.jpg Curiosity find interesting rock on Mars. Size of penny. article
  • 339_26224_PIA24750-web.jpg Perseverance rover path
  • 340_26287_PIA24813_web.jpg Scarp a, Jezero Crater Perseverance rover article
  • 341_26413_Sol0057_zcam08103_Z110_R0E-web1.jpg Kodiak mount in Jezero Delta article
  • 343_mars_hele_1200.jpg Using helecoptor as a scout article
  • 344_pers_and_cur.jpg Looking at the shadow of helecoptor Ingenuity
  • 345_theres-a-big-rock-stuc.jpg A rock got stuck in from wheel of Perseverance
  • 346_PIA25179_Still_Image.jpg Perseverence mars rover sees Phobos eclipse the sun article
  • 347_PIA25217.jpg Ingenuity expored the back shell of the rover, hit at 200kph.
  • 360_china_rover_mro.jpg China's Zhurong Mars rover, june 11, 2021 from MRO article
  • 363_china_rover_backshell.jpg China's rover finds its back shell. article
  • 365_mars_china_selfy.jpg China's Tianwen 1 Mars orbiter. Image taken by free flying camera. article


  • 405_cometc2014_un271.jpg Comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein (C/2014 UN271) 100 to 200 km in size, largest comet. Passes 11 AU from sun in 2030. Article
  • 408_ngc4656_4631_A1-LRGB_112421.jpg Comet Leonard (C/2021 A1) between NGC 4631 and NGC 4656 on November 24 Article
  • 420_dart_header_1.jpg Dart, launched on a Falcon 9 from Vandenburg to impact Dimorphos article
  • 421_dart_spacecraft_orbit_2x640-nc.png Dart to hig Dimorphos, satellite of Didymos in September 2022 article
  • 430_lucy.png Lucy, on way to Jupiter Trojan asteroids. Launched. Solar arrays 75 to 95% deployed. article
  • 431_lucy_traj.png Trajectory of the Lucy mission article


  • 500_jupiter_impact1.png 2021/09/13, something hits jupiter article
  • 502_jupiter_flash.jpg 2021/10/15 flash on Jupiter again, seen from Japan and Brazil. article
  • 505_red-spot.png Juno Digs into the great red spot article
  • 506_juno-chart.png Storm goes 500 km deep. composed of several circulation cells.
  • 530_pia24681-1041.jpg Ganymede from Juno, June 8,2021 article


    Uranus and Neptune

  • 600_hst_outer_planets.png The outer planets by HST article
  • 610_eso-telescope-captures.jpg ESO, Neptune temperature is dropping 8C over a 17 year period. article


  • 620_dwarf_planets.jpg Latest list of dwarf planets


  • 700_exoplanets_feat-1030x580.jpg 5,000 Extrasloar planets article
  • 705_kepler-1708b-exomoon-super.jpg Kepler 1708 has a moon twice the 2.6x size of Earth, 5000 Ly away. 10,000+ Exoplanets article
  • 720_ZCanisMajoris.png Z canis Major, two young red dwarf came very close to each other. article
  • 725_unknown-space-object-icrar-exlarge-169.jpg Unknown object beaming our a radio signal every 18 minutes possible Magnitar 4,00 ly away. article
  • 730_HH666_HubbleOzsarac_4347.jpg HH 666: Carina Dust Pillar with Jet, HST article
  • 800_milky_way.jpg The Milky way galaxy article
  • 802_milkywayfeather_feat.jpg New "feathers" of gas found connecting the arms. article
  • 806_MwCenter_MeerKATMunoz_7530.jpg The galaxy in radio waves, from the MeerKAT array. article

    Deep Space

  • 840_GWaveCatalog_LigoVirgo_5692.jpg 90 gravity wave observations. article
  • 845_NGC4676_HubbleOstling_4555.jpg NGC 4676 the mice article
  • 847_potw2130a.jpg ARP 195 HST shot article
  • 860_AGY_inside1_EN.jpg New kind of supernova discovered 2019hgp Icn, WR star. No H, no He article
  • 863_NGC5605_T32_MLS.jpg 3 supernova at the same time in the same galaxy. New record
  • 865_eso_350-40_2021afdx.jpg Supernova 2021afdx in the ring galaxy
  • 900_einstine_ring.jpg Einstine's ring, galactic lensing
  • 910_STSCI-H-p1856d-f-3600x3600.jpg More galacic lensing from HST, dark matter. article
  • 921_earendel_1.jpg Galactic lensed red star "Earendel" article


  • Tonga explosion
  • AN225 destroyed
  • Osiris_res sample video 1:00
  • Mars Eclipse video
  • Juno flies over Ganymede 4:00
  • Falcon Heavy animation 2:29

  • Osiris_rex video 4:53
  • Osiris_res sample return video 3:16
  • Artiums NASA publicity 4:34
  • Richard Branson Virgin Galactic flight
  • Jeff Bezos Blue origin flight 3:20
  • SpaceX Dragon Crew 4:33
  • SpaceX Starship animation 5:09
  • China space station docking
  • IXPE xray telescope 4:06
  • Roman telescope planet finder
  • JWST launch simulation 12:02
  • Opportunity rover on Mars recap 11:06
  • China's Mars Rover Zhurong 11:23
  • Curisoty rover clouds
  • Juno mystery belts