Supernova 1998an in UGC 3683

Here is an image a supernova in UGC3683.

11.4.1998. 0.08 UT, CCD ST-7, 520s. Track and Accumulate exposure (13x40s), no filter, dark and flat corrected, temp -20c, telescope used 152/2063 refractor.

The image have been taken at the center of our city, Jyvaskyla. The weather was horrible (a full moon was shining and there was clouds on the sky during exposure), so I had stopped imaging in that night. And You can see it in results. It is a visible, but just a limit of backround noise. I canīt say how bright it is but i think itīs about 15.0 mag. Iīll wait for a next clear night and send a better image then. North is up.


Observer Marko Moilanen, Jyvaskyla, Finland.

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