Supernova 1998ab in NGC 4704

The SN hunting will continue at least a one mounth. Then here in Finlad will come a bright summernights. That will mean end of observing until august.

Here is an image a supernova in NGC4704. The image taken at 6.4.1998 at 21.08 UT, CCD ST-7, 840s. Track and Accumulate exposure (21x40s), no filter, dark and flat corrected, temp -20c, telescope used 152/2063 refractor.

Image were taken at the center of our city, Jyvaskyla. SN magnitude I estimated about 16.3. Dark lines in image are error of track and accumulate process and even dark and flat field were corrected, there still remain some noise. North is up.

Observer Marko Moilanen, Jyvaskyla, Finland.


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