Supernova 1999cq in UGC 11268

From: "Frederick M. EWALT"

I slept on my image of SN1999cq and decided to revisit my initial analysis, using "Submarine Sonar Subjective Analysis Techniques" (or whatever that means for - e.g. do we have a target or not ?). I did a side by side comparison of the two images now posted on the website versus my somewhat later one-in-time. I have attached the composite image sheet I used to do this. All three images have been resized to essentially match in scale, showing a "blow-up" of the area of interest, along side each corresponding image. Here is what my conclusions are based on what I think I see here:

(1) LEHMANN's Image is great and matches Circular# 7209.

(2) Based on LEHMANN's Image and data from the DSS Image library, UGC11268 does NOT have a significantly brighter central area, and is more or less uniformly diffused aross the total of what you see.

(3) KERESZTY-ZOLT's Image shows only the very slightest hint for resolution of SN1999cq, in the generally diffused central area of UGX11268. 99.9% of what is marked as the ID for the supernova is actually the upper object shown in LEHMANN's Image.

(4) EWALT's Image clearly shows the "not quite" resolved images of both SN1999cq and the "upper" star. About 75% of the light from this elongated image is biased towards, and coming from the supernova part. Magnitude measurements along the entire length of the centerline of this "ellipse" read at 16.64 +/- .05. I would conclude that the "upper star" is at about Mag 16.8+/- and SN1999cq is about Mag 16.7+/-, for a "log" sum of about 16.65. (These things add like decibels - sonar targets versus background noise}.

(5) SN1999cq is NOT as bright as indicated on the website, for about 15.8. Whether the first measurements are correct and it's now fading is to be determined. This will be an interesting supernova and much more data is needed. I may try again, over the weekend - weather permitting, with my ST-7 in high resolution at f/10, (matches LEHMANN's setup)

How confident am I in this analysis ? If this were 1968 and I was back up north, I would be manning "Battle Stations Torpedo". I really enjoy this "Supernova Hunting" as you can see. If there is anything I can do for the cause, (besides feeding images) please let me know. I would appreciate your comments. best Regards.........Fred E.


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David Bishop
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