Supernova 1999an in IC 755

My colleagues and I have recently completed a series of observations of SN1999an. We calculated the following magnitudes on the corresponding dates and times:

30 March 1999, 06:06:10 UT - 16.2:V
7 April 1999, 05:05:10 UT - 16.9:V
We collected our data using a 0.4-meter f/4 telescope and an SBIG ST-7 CCD Camera with a Bessell V filter. The telescope is located at Martin Observatory in Blacksburg, VA, and is operated by the Physics Department of Virginia Tech. Our IAU Minor Planet Center Observatory Code is 841. Dr. John Simonetti is our advisor, and he should be contacted in the event of questions concerning these or any other observations. His email address is .

i755s3.jpg Attached you will find a copy of one of our images (in .jpg format) with the supernova indicated.

Thank you very much, and I hope that our observations are of some use to you.


Adam Drake, Seth Hornstein, Victor Gehman, Chad King

Virginia Tech Department of Physics

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David Bishop
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