Supernova 1998Y in NGC 2415

Heres one possible picture of SN in Ngc2415. As You see, im not sure of it.

Here is a possible image of the supernova in NGC 2415. The image taken at 29.3.1998 01.27 UT, CCD ST-7, 1400s. Track and Accumulate exposure (35x40s.), unfiltered, dark and flat corrected, temp -20c, telescope used 2063/152 refractor.

Image were taken at the center of our city, Jyvaskyla. This is a VERY unshore observation so be caution of it. There is a little brigter spot just a right place where the SN shouldbe. The Image was processed a CCDSharp program. North is up.

Observer Marko Moilanen, Jyvaskyla, Finland.
Astronomical association Jyvalskylan Sirius ry


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