Images of Supernova 1998bn in NGC 4462

This page is a list of SN 1998bn images in chronological order. If you know of any others, please let me know. Please refer to the main pages's images area for a list of the original web pages for some of the images referenced here. Other pages referencing this SN:
  • VSNet has a sn1998bn web page
  • M1 supernova search has a 1998bn page

  • Lick Observatory Discovery image 4/17/98
  • Ca' Bionda observatory Undated.
  • Pedro Ré image 5/4/98 21:51 UT
  • Tenagra Observatories image 5/5/98 5:53:22 UT
  • Robin Chassagne image 5/5/98 14:57 UT in French [Translate]
  • S. Massaro image 5/11/98
  • Diego Rodriguez image 5/11/98 23:05 UT
  • Schultz, Heintz and Augensen image 5/14/98 2:16 UT
  • Prosper i image 5/16/98
  • Pedro Ré image 5/17/98 21:16 UT
  • Schultz, Heintz and Augensen image 5/19/98 1:55 UT
  • Juan Gonçalves and João Porto image 5/18/98 00:00:39 UT
  • N. Biver images 5/25/98 7:00 UT

    Light Curves and Spectra:

  • N. Biver light curve
  • VSNET JAVA light curve Requires Java 1.0 (in Netscape 4.05)


    Here's a picture for you. Taken 22d above the southern horizon with a gibbous moon. Not bad. Michael Schwartz, Director Tenagra Observatories, Ltd.

    According to IAUC 6886, Lick group has discovered another SN named 1998bn in NGC 4462. It was appeared on CCD image obtained on Apr. 17.3, but it has not been recognized until new image was taken on Apr. 27.3. It is very unfortunate situation.

    The magnitude was about 17.4 on Apr 17.3, and has remarkably rised to 13.7 on Apr 27.3. The location of the new star is R.A. = 12h29m18s.88, Decl. = -23o09'49".2 (2000.0), which is about 32" west and 10" north of the core of NGC 4462.

    The host galaxy is of SBab type and, as Taichi mentioned, is a nearby one. Turry's catalog gives that m-M = 32.21, which indicates that typical SN Ia on this distance will shine at 13.4 mag on its maximum. Spectroscopy was not reported, but it should be very likely to be of type Ia, SN locates on the west arm of the host, slightly near side to the center.

    Though it is a great regret that we have missed the early phase of this SN, the followup photometry and spectroscopy are doubtlessly encouraged. The preliminary comparison star chart was broadcasted on vsnet and isn.

    Sincerely, Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan

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