Supernova 1996X in NGC 5061

This page is devoted to information on Supernova 1996X in NGC 5061 Information on the original web pages for many of these images can be found on the Supernova links web page.

I'm creating this page after the fact. 1996X was the brightest SN in 1996. It got up to mag 12.9, which outshined all of the 1997 SN

Web pages dedicated to this SN.

  • Visual Discovery of SN 1996X in NGC 5061 by Robert Evans
  • ISN 1996X page
  • The Astronomer 1996X page
  • VSNet's 1996X sub page
  • ESO page

    The following is a list of images of this SN, in chronological order. Click on the name in the "observer" column to see the image. Times and dates are in UT unless otherwise noted. If you know of any others, please tell me!

  • Evans Discovery image 4/12/96
  • Brendan Downs 1996X page 4/13.034/96 (Mirror)
  • ESO image 4/14/96
  • Diego Rodríguez image 4/15.95/96 (Mirror)
  • Marcel Geltner image 4/16/96
  • NF/Observatory image 4/16/96
  • CfA image 4/16/96 (Mirror)
  • Giulio Scarfi' and Luciano Zannoni image 4/19/96
  • Kuma image 4/21/96
  • Mark Armstrong image 4/23.979/96 (Mirror)
  • P. Poyet image 6/9.867/96 Mag 16.3
  • Padova-Asiago image

    Light curves and Spectra:

  • CfA spectra (Mirror)
  • ESO Spectrum
  • Guy Hurst light curve
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