Supernova 1993J in M81

Supernova 1993J is one of the brighter Sn from the recent past. Announced in IAUC 5731 this supernova was discovered independently by several people. 1993J was found in the magnitued 6.9 galaxy M81 (aka NGC 3031) in UMa. This supernova got as bright as mag 11.3 and was observed for a fairly long period of time.

Sites dedicated to 1993J

  • SEDS SN1993J web page
  • VSNet's 1993J web page
  • NRAO Observations
  • M1 supernova search has a
  • Report on Supernova 1993J
  • Wikipedia article
  • Images of Supernova 1993J

  • Neely image 3/28/93 7:18:51
  • Kohl Observatory image 3/30/93 (mirror)
  • Limber Observatory image 4/1/93
  • ISN Reference image Undated
  • Associazione Astrofili Spezzini image Undated
  • Deep Sky Exploration image
  • Toma Hynek image
  • Bill and Sally Fletcher image Undated color
  • Jack Newton image Undated
  • ROSAT image April 1993 (Mirror)
  • Kuma image 5/7/93
  • Tycho Brahe Observatory image Early '94
  • The Remnant of Supernova 1993J in M81 9/93 - 9/94
  • LBL IR image 5/95
  • HST image of the reminent of supernova 1993J


  • ASCA Light Curve
  • ASCA Spectrum
  • Features of SN 1993J by qing zhang
  • U of Oregon (Electronic Universe) light curve
  • zoom on 1993J from Hubble ESA.

    Dr. M. Richmond has 3 papers on his web page decicated to SN 1993J. VSNet has a nice record of the discovery of 1993J.

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