Supernovae 2014G in NGC 3448

This page is devoted to information on Supernova 2014G in NGC 3448.   Basic information on this SN, including the last reported brightness, on this Supernova can be found on the main page.   Information on the original web pages for many of these images can be found on the links web page.

image Discovered independently by (Koichi Itagaki (Japan) and Patrick Wiggins (USA).   This one is a very rare Type IIL.   This supernova is in the Constellation Ursa Major.

The following is a list of images of this SN, in chronological order. Click on the name in the "Image Credit" column to see the image. Times and dates are in UT unless otherwise noted. If you know of any others, please tell me!

Image CreditDateMagFilterComments
Patrick Wiggins 2014/01/14.31717Discovery
K. Itagaki 2014/01/14.57415.6UDiscovery
MASTER 2014/01/14.700
Patrick Wiggins 2014/01/14.000CAnimation 1/6 and 1/14
T. Yusa 2014/01/15.30915.2V
Bill Wells 2014/01/15.33015.2C
LOSS 2014/01/15.39315.3R
Raymond Kneip 2014/01/15.42015.1V
T. Noguchi 2014/01/15.57615.1U
K. Kadota 2014/01/15.66615.2U
Stan Howerton 2014/01/16.46514.6V
Tomas Wikander 2014/01/16.88714.7V
Maurice Gavin 2014/01/17.738
Denis Buczynski 2014/01/20.074
Nor Schramm 2014/01/22.00014.84U
JM Llapasset 2014/01/22.17114.5CV
Marc Canale 2014/01/23.896
Joel Nicolas 2014/01/23.89914.4CV
Rodrigo Losada 2014/01/23.93714.8CR
Rafael Benavides 2014/01/24.04814.3CV
Massimiliano Martignoni 2014/01/25.05414.4V
Massimiliano Martignoni 2014/01/25.05414.9B
Massimiliano Martignoni 2014/01/25.05514.0Ic
Stan Howerton 2014/01/25.16914.3V
Fabio Briganti 2014/01/25.96014.7C
Maurice Audejean 2014/01/27.86414.5CV
Joel Nicolas 2014/01/27.91514.4V
JM Llapasset 2014/01/28.21214.4V
JM Llapasset 2014/01/28.22214.6g
JM Llapasset 2014/01/28.23014.3r
JM Llapasset 2014/01/28.23714.3i
Massimiliano Martignoni 2014/01/28.94415.0B
Massimiliano Martignoni 2014/01/28.94514.5V
Massimiliano Martignoni 2014/01/28.94614.0Ic
Nor Schramm 2014/01/30.02014.8U
CRTS 2014/01/30.00014.02UCSS140130:105434+541757
Gregor Krannich 2014/01/31.87813.9V
Joel Nicolas 2014/01/31.92914.4CV
Markus Bütikofer 2014/02/01.069C
JM Llapasset 2014/02/01.11714.5CV
JM Llapasset 2014/02/01.12114.4V
Solomon Ibarra 2014/02/02.547C
JM Llapasset 2014/02/02.89514.5CV
JM Llapasset 2014/02/02.89914.4V
Enrique Diez 2014/02/02.91314.3CR
JM Llapasset 2014/02/02.93314.4r
JM Llapasset 2014/02/02.93714.4i
Diego Rodríguez 2014/02/02.94014.2CR
Jose Carrillo 2014/02/02.97214.7U
Manfred Mrotzek 2014/02/04.970C
Lynn van Rooijen 2014/02/04.97915.3B
Lynn van Rooijen 2014/02/04.98114.6V
Lynn van Rooijen 2014/02/04.98414.3R
JM Llapasset 2014/02/06.16214.7V
JM Llapasset 2014/02/06.16814.7R
JM Llapasset 2014/02/06.17215.0g
JM Llapasset 2014/02/06.17614.5r
Massimiliano Martignoni 2014/02/06.92315.5B
Massimiliano Martignoni 2014/02/06.92414.8V
Massimiliano Martignoni 2014/02/06.92514.1Ic
Nor Schramm 2014/02/07.18214.9U
Maurice Gavin 2014/02/09.912C
Nor Schramm 2014/02/11.03514.8U
Nor Schramm 2014/02/12.02814.9U
Enrico Prosperi 2014/02/12.88314.7CR
JM Llapasset 2014/02/13.16615.4g
JM Llapasset 2014/02/13.16914.6r
Enrique Diez 2014/02/16.06114.7CR
Enrique Diez 2014/02/16.95714.8CR
JM Llapasset 2014/02/17.18115.5g
JM Llapasset 2014/02/17.18514.8r
JM Llapasset 2014/02/17.18914.7i
JM Llapasset 2014/02/17.20115.0CV
Nor Schramm 2014/02/18.04615.0U
Nor Schramm 2014/02/19.02815.0U
JM Llapasset 2014/02/20.17715.1CV
JM Llapasset 2014/02/20.18014.9r
JM Llapasset 2014/02/20.18015.7g
JM Llapasset 2014/02/20.18714.7i
Enrique Diez 2014/02/21.94914.9CR
Marc Serrau 2014/02/21.99115.1CR
Marc Serrau 2014/02/21.99515.4V
Marc Serrau 2014/02/22.00415.0R
Marc Serrau 2014/02/22.01014.9I
Nor Schramm 2014/02/22.02115.1U
JM Llapasset 2014/02/22.85915.8g
JM Llapasset 2014/02/22.86714.9r
JM Llapasset 2014/02/22.87114.9i
Esteban Aguilar 2014/02/22.87514.8CR
Manfred Mrotzek 2014/02/22.96015.1U
Nor Schramm 2014/02/23.01215.1U
JM Llapasset 2014/02/25.19515.2CV
JM Llapasset 2014/02/25.20315.0r
JM Llapasset 2014/02/25.20714.9i
Maurice Audejean 2014/02/25.99915.4CV
Nor Schramm 2014/02/26.03315.4U
Diego Rodriguez 2014/02/27.95615.3V
Nor Schramm 2014/03/01.02815.3U
Joel Nicolas 2014/03/01.90215.1CV
Maurice Audejean 2014/03/01.91415.5CV
Joel Nicolas 2014/03/01.93115.2V
Massimiliano Martignoni 2014/03/05.86117.0B
Massimiliano Martignoni 2014/03/05.86215.7V
Massimiliano Martignoni 2014/03/05.86314.8Ic
Marc Serrau 2014/03/05.92815.3CR
Marc Serrau 2014/03/05.93215.7V
Marc Serrau 2014/03/05.94015.3R
Francisco Soldán 2014/03/06.42515.4C
JM Llapasset 2014/03/06.84915.5CV
JM Llapasset 2014/03/06.85416.1g
JM Llapasset 2014/03/06.86015.2r
JM Llapasset 2014/03/06.86615.1i
Marc Serrau 2014/03/06.93215.3R
Massimiliano Martignoni 2014/03/06.93317.0B
Massimiliano Martignoni 2014/03/06.93515.7V
Massimiliano Martignoni 2014/03/06.95114.8Ic
Rafael Benavides 2014/03/06.96415.4CV
Massimiliano Martignoni 2014/03/07.94517.0B
Massimiliano Martignoni 2014/03/07.94615.8V
Massimiliano Martignoni 2014/03/07.94814.8Ic
JM Llapasset 2014/03/09.86216.2g
JM Llapasset 2014/03/09.86815.2r
JM Llapasset 2014/03/09.87215.1i
JM Llapasset 2014/03/09.88515.5CV
Marc Serrau 2014/03/09.88615.8V
Marc Serrau 2014/03/09.89115.2R
Juan-Luis Glez. Carballo 2014/03/11.67415.5CV
Massimiliano Martignoni 2014/03/12.95015.8V
Massimiliano Martignoni 2014/03/12.95114.9Ic
JM Llapasset 2014/03/14.16515.6CV
JM Llapasset 2014/03/14.17215.2r
Nor Schramm 2014/03/19.01515.2U
Marc Serrau 2014/03/20.90715.6CR
Marc Serrau 2014/03/20.91316.0V
Marc Serrau 2014/03/20.92215.5R
Marc Serrau 2014/03/20.92915.3I
Nor Schramm 2014/03/22.04215.7U
Nor Schramm 2014/03/23.01715.7U
Nor Schramm 2014/03/24.02115.8U
JM Llapasset 2014/03/28.17815.6CR
JM Llapasset 2014/03/28.17815.7CV
Maurice Audejean 2014/04/01.01416.1CV
Nor Schramm 2014/04/01.02215.6U
JM Llapasset 2014/04/05.07216.1CV
Nor Schramm 2013/04/07.03815.6U
JM Llapasset 2014/04/09.86816.6CV
Maurice Audejean 2014/04/10.86716.4CV
Marc Serrau 2014/04/10.91116.9CR
Marc Serrau 2014/04/10.93517.2:V
Marc Serrau 2014/04/10.94116.6R
JM Llapasset 2014/04/25.98417.6:CV
Rafael Benavides 2014/05/25.91317.9CV

Light curves and Spectra:

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