Supernovae 2012cp in UGC 8713

This page is devoted to information on Supernova 2012cp in UGC 8713.   Basic information on this SN, including the last reported brightness, on this Supernova can be found on the main page.   Information on the original web pages for many of these images can be found on the links web page.

image Discovered by L. Cox, Jack Newton and Tim Puckett (USA).   The host galaxy is a pair with UGC 8715.   This one is a Type Ia.   We have a Photometry reference image made by Odd Trondal.   This supernova is in the Constellation Canes Venatici.

The following is a list of images of this SN, in chronological order. Click on the name in the "Image Credit" column to see the image. Times and dates are in UT unless otherwise noted. If you know of any others, please tell me!

Image CreditDateMagFilterComments
Tim Puckett 2012/05/23.191516.1CDiscovery
Joseph Brimacombe 2012/05/25.30316.1L
Manfred Mrotzek 2012/05/25.96C
Giancarlo Cortini 2012/05/25.98C
Massimiliano Martignoni 2012/05/28.86315.3Rc
Manfred Mrotzek 2012/05/28.917C
Federica Luppi and Luca Buzzi 2012/05/29.02616.2C
William Wiethoff 2012/06/02.309C
Adolfo San Degundo 2012/06/04.94915.48CR
JM Llapasset 2012/06/05.10115.3:CR
Adolfo San Segundo 2012/06/08.92715.43CR
Juan-Luis González Carballo 2012/06/12.87615.33CR
Rafael Benavides 2012/06/15.99515.34CR
Rafa Ferrando 2012/06/16.88115.5CR
William Wiethoff 2012/06/17.190L
JM Llapasset 2012/07/18.87316.2:CR

Light curves and Spectra:

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