Supernova 2008in in M61

This page is devoted to information on Supernova 2008in in NGC 4303 (= M61) .   Basic information on this SN, including the last reported brightness, on this Supernova can be found on the main page.  Information on the original web pages for many of these images can be found on the updates and links web pages.

image Discovered by Koichi Itagaki (Japan).   This is his second discovery in this galaxy.   This is his second time with a follow up discover this year.   This is the 6th discovery in this galaxy, it is a type II (the last 2 discoveries were also type II).   About 12 hours after the announcement, I already had 4 images of this one (and it is a dawn object at this time), so I created a page for it. We have a DSS Photometry reference image made by Odd Trondal.   Icon generated from the discovery image.   This supernova is in the Constellation Virgo.

The following is a list of images of this SN, in chronological order. Click on the name in the "Image Credit" column to see the image. Times and dates are in UT unless otherwise noted. If you know of any others, please tell me!
Image CreditDateMagFilterComments
Koichi Itagaki 2008/12/26.79214.9CDiscovery
William Wells 2008/12/28.52014.3VConfirmation
Yoji Hirose 2008/12/28.81714.7C
D. Denisenko, S. Korotkiy, T. Kryachko 2008/12/29.0515.1C
Paolo Beltrame 2008/12/29RGBcolor
Stan Howerton 2008/12/29.74014.9V
CRTS 2008/12/3013.94C
Martin Mobberley 2008/12/30.41015.2CR
Christoph Rollwagen 2008/12/30.219C
Stan Howerton 2009/01/01.90014.9V
Mark Ashley 2009/01/0214.7Ccolor, (Mark's blog)
Joseph Brimacombe 2009/01/02.514.9Ccolor
Manuel Diaz 2009/01/03.20314.49R
Tibor Horvath 2009/01/04.156Ccolor
JM Llapasset 2009/01/05.17514.6CR mirror
Pepe Manteca 2009/01/05.250Ccolor, nice!
Rick Johnson 2009/01/05.4614.9Ccolor, nice! wider field
Rodrigo Losada 2009/01/07.12514.5CR
CSP/LCO Undatedcolor, Wow!
Odd Trondal 2009/01/07.14514.9CR
JM Llapasset 2009/01/08.20814.9CR mirror
Rafael Ferrando 2009/01/10.13615C
Joel Nicolas 2009/01/13.15514.8C
JM Llapasset 2009/01/13.17114.9CR mirror
Stan Howerton 2009/01/13.77715.0V120 second images 12/29 - 1/3
Faustino García 2009/01/14.24614.86CR mirror
Enrico Prosperi 2009/01/16.98614.80C
Stan Howerton 2009/01/17.75615.4C
Rafael Ferrando 2009/01/25.14Ccolor
Yoji Hirose 2009/01/25.80514.9R
Michael Hauss 2009/01/27.21914.6CR
Vince Tuboly 2009/01/28.225C
Enrico Prosperi 2009/01/28.97414.8CR
Rafael Ferrando 2009/02/01.13515.4C
Martin Nicholson 2009/02/02C
Faustino Garcia 2009/02/04.19214.94CR
William Wiethoff 2009/02/06.36C
Rafael Ferrando 2009/02/08.10715.5C
Joseph Brimacombe 2009/02/15.3715.6C
Stan Howerton 2009/02/18.65515.5V
Enrico Prosperi 2009/02/18.93815.0V
William Wiethoff 2009/02/20.159C
Jordi Camarasa 2009/02/20C
Pedro Re 2009/02/22.08515.35C
Pedro Re 2009/02/23.07515.18C
Pedro Re 2009/02/25.01015.43C
JM Llapasset 2009/02/25.14215.0CR
William Wiethoff 2009/03/02.265C
Jordi Camarasa 2009/03/06.975C
Rafael Ferrando 2009/03/07.98415.8CR
Enrico Prosperi 2009/03/07.98815.2C
Pedro Re 2009/03/14.01916.05C
JM Llapasset 2009/03/15.92715.1CR
William Wiethoff 2009/03/16.182C
Giancarlo Cortini 2009/03/16.9515.3C
Faustino Garcia 2009/03/18.01015.21CR
Kopernik 2009/03/18.14915.38
Rafael Ferrando 2009/03/19.0815.7C
Stan Howerton 2009/03/19.23415.7C
Rodrigo Losada 2009/03/20.02115.7CR
William Wiethoff 2009/03/20.262C
Pedro Ré 2009/03/21.00115.63C
George Normandin 2009/03/25.14615.45
Pedro Ré 2009/03/27.99215.81C
William Wiethoff 2009/03/30.179C
Stan Howerton 2009/04/01.65916.1V
Stan Howerton 2009/04/15.69517.8V
Hunter Wilson 2009/04/16Ccolor
William Wiethoff 2009/04/16.225C
Pepe Manteca 2009/04/19C
Rafael Ferrando 2009/04/19.9117.0CR
Pedro Ré 2009/04/24.98818.15C
William Wiethoff 2009/04/26.286C
Kopernik 2009/04/30.10417.04
Pedro Ré 2009/05/01.92218.13C
William Wiethoff 2009/05/22.202C
Giancarlo Cortini 2009/05/25.92C
William Wiethoff 2009/06/06.163C

If you have observations of this Supernova, please send them to SNWeb. Use this data query to see what information has been reported so far.
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