Nova M33 2001

This page is devoted to information on Nova M33 2001 in M33 (= NGC 598) Basic information on this Nova, including the last reported brightness, on this and other Novae can be found on the main page. Information on the original web pages for many of these images can be found on the Supernova links web page.

nm331_i.jpg Discovered by Odd Trondal. After finding a nova in M31, Odd tried to search for one in M33. M33 is a much smaller and younger galaxy that M31, so his chances of success were not that good. The last nova found in M33 was back in 1970 (M33 V468). However... We have a Photometry reference image for this section of M33 generated by Odd Trondal. A full photometry reference image for this galaxy is here.

Fred Ewalt image 2001/11/13.064< 17.5C color version
Odd Trondal image 2001/11/15.76117.2CDiscovery, click here first
Ian Turner image 2001/11/16.000C original image
Odd Trondal image 2001/11/16.69417.2C click here first
Michael Schwartz image 2001/11/17.208CConfirmation, click here first
Bastia obs image 2001/11/17.9C mirror
Rafael Ferrando image 2001/11/18.009C local mirror
Piergiorgio Ferrante image 2001/11/18.127C click here first
Fred Ewalt image 2001/11/18.97616.3C
Odd Trondal image 2001/11/19.72917.3C click here first
Pedro Re' image 2001/11/19.845C
Odd Trondal image 2001/11/21.81417.5C click here first
Fred Ewalt image 2001/11/22.02317.1C
Odd Trondal image 2001/11/22.83317.5C click here first
Odd Trondal image 2001/11/23.8217.6C click here first
Arne Danielsen image 2001/11/23.82517.5C
Esteban Lorenz image 2001/11/23.918C
Odd Trondal image 2001/11/26.74417.5:C click here first
Michael Schwartz image 2001/12/07.21518.3:C click here first
Michael Schwartz image 2001/12/17.124< 18.5C click here first

If you have observations of this Nova, please send them to Use this VSNet data query to see what information has been reported so far. Other VSNet data on this Nova:
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