Supernova 2000cx in NGC 524

This page is devoted to information on Supernova 2000cx in NGC 524 Basic information on this SN, including the last reported brightness, on this Supernova can be found on the main page. Information on the original web pages for many of these images can be found on the Supernova links web page.

sn00cx_i.jpg Another discovery from the LOSS team. This one was discovered at magnitude 14.5 and rising, and it quickly became brightest SN, so far, for the year 2000. It sits beyond the visible edge of a Mag 11.3 equatorial galaxy called NGC 524 and is a pretty easy shot. This SN is now known to be of the over luminous type Ia know as the 1991T type. Maximum brightness happened at around July 26, 2000 when it got to mag 13.2. We have a DSS Photometry reference image made by Odd Trondal. Icon created from Nick Suntzeff YALO color image.

Web pages dedicated to this SN.

  • AUDE has a 2000cx page in French [Translate]
  • AAVSO has posted flash 647, and finder charts
  • Nick Suntzeff's 2000cx page
  • M1 SN Search has a 2000cx web page
  • Milwaukee Astronomical Society's Supernova in Pisces
  • WSAAG Supernova 2000cx in NGC 524 page

    The following is a list of images of this SN, in chronological order. Click on the name in the "observer" column to see the image. Times and dates are in UT unless otherwise noted. If you know of any others, please tell me!
    LOSS image 7/18.4/0014.3:CDiscovery
    JM Llapasset image 7/19.094/0014.2:CR
    Ron Wodaski image 7/19.420/00C mirror
    MRO image 7/19.425/0014.0
    YALO image 7/19/00V
    YALO image 7/19/00BVIColor, WOW, Smaller version
    Salvo Massaro image 7/20.027/00Ccaption, mirror
    Anton Spenko image 7/21/00C
    Larry Robinson image 7/22.300/0013.2:C
    Ron Wodaski image 7/24.8/0013.4C
    YALO image 7/26/00JIR
    Diego Rodríguez image 7/26/0013.2C
    Rodrigo Losada image 7/26/00C
    R Roy image 7/27.082/00C
    Kereszty Zsolt image 7/28.007/0012.9C
    S. Moretti, R. Turci image 7/29.1/00C
    Rafael Ferrando image 7/30.058/0013.1C
    Cedric Leyrat image 7/30.143/0013.4C
    Rezman obs. image 7/30.967/00C
    Anton Spenko image 7/30.970/00C
    Pere Horts image 7/31/0013.4C
    J P Teng image 7/31.011/0013.4CR
    C & B Chardonnens image 7/31.988/0013.66CR
    Martin Fielder image 8/1.065/00C
    Zoltan A. Nagy image 8/1/00C
    Zoltan A. Nagy image 8/1/00C
    Martin Mobberley image 8/2.04/00C mirror
    Vince Tuboly image 8/2/0013.3 mirror
    D. Dillinger image 8/2/0013.4
    Zoltan A. Nagy image 8/4/00C
    Rafael Ferrando image 8/5.015/0013.4C
    Joe Petrick image 8/5/00Ccolor
    Kopernik image 8/5.285/0013.45C
    Rafael Ferrando image 8/7.072/0013.6C
    Cedric Leyrat image 8/8.011/0014.0CR
    Raoul Behrend image 8/8.078/0014.0C
    Rafael Ferrando image 8/9.006/0013.8C
    Eric Barbotin image 8/10.007/00C
    C Leyrat image 8/10.036/0014.2C
    Rafael Ferrando image 8/11.017/0013.9C
    Rafael Ferrando image 8/11.896/0014.1C
    Kereszty Zsolt image 8/11.978/0013.8C
    Rodrigo Losada image 8/12.110/0014.2C
    Mike Fleenor image 8/12.292/0013.9C
    Rafael Ferrando image 8/14.010/0014.1C
    JM Llapasset image 8/16.146/0014.3CR
    Vince Tuboly image 8/18.500/00CR
    JM Llapasset image 8/22.120/0014.4R
    J P Teng image 8/22.863/0014.4CR
    Rafael Ferrando image 8/23.017/0014.5C
    Diego Rodríguez image 8/23.08/0014.8V
    C & B Chardonnens image 8/23.886/0014.8CR
    Cyril Cavadore image 8/26/0014.87C larger version
    Rodrigo Losada image 8/26.858/0015.0C local mirror
    Enrico Prosperi image 8/26.960/0015.0C mirror, local mirror
    Rafael Ferrando image 8/26.965/0014.8C
    JM Llapasset image 8/27.122/0014.9CR
    Cedric Leyrat image 8/27.910/0015.13CRcolor
    R. Roy image 8/27.947/00CR
    Pedro Re' image 8/28.017/0015.0C local mirror
    JM Llapasset image 8/28.166/0014.9CR
    JM Llapasset image 8/29.100/0015.01CR
    Enrico Prosperi image 8/29.95/0015.2C mirror, local mirror
    Cedric Leyrat image 9/1.887/0015.4CR
    JM Llapasset image 9/1.098/0015.21CR
    J P Teng 9/1.918/0015.15CR
    Rafael Ferrando image 9/1.952/0015.15C
    Rafael Ferrando image 9/2.948/0015.4C
    JM Llapasset image 9/3.097/0015.3CR
    R Chassagne image 9/3.967/0015.31CR
    Pedro Re' image 9/5.988/0015.01C local mirror
    JM Llapasset image 9/6.125/0015.4CR
    Enrico Prosperi image 9/6.883/0015.6C local mirror
    JM Llapasset image 9/8.076/0015.56
    C Leyrat image 9/8.905/0015.41CR
    C Leyrat image 9/9.051/0015.50CR
    JM Llapasset image 9/9.087/0015.62CR
    J.Porto and J.Gonçalves image 9/9.125/0015.5C
    Enrico Prosperi image 9/9.99/0015.79C mirror
    C Dupuy image 9/10.001/00CR
    J P Teng image 9/10.010/0015.69CR
    JM Llapasset image 9/10.068/0015.60CR
    P. Pinel image 9/10.069/0015.68CR
    Odd Trondal image 9/10.969/00C
    JM Llapasset image 9/11.048/0015.57CR
    Cedric Layrat image 9/16.898/0015.88CR
    R. Roy image 9/18.910/00CR
    Cedric Layrat image 9/20.894/0016.0CR
    R Poncy image 9/20.956/0016.1CR
    Cedric Layrat image 9/21.908/0016.0CR
    C & B Chardonnens image 9/22.894/0016.27CR
    Diego Rodriguez image 9/22.950/0016.1C
    L Brunetto image 9/23.086/0016.0C
    Rene Roy image 9/27.860/00C
    J P Teng image 9/29.853/0016.34C
    Rafael Ferrando image 9/30.889/0016.55C
    P. Pinel image 9/30.947/0016.5CR
    CfA FLWO image 10/2/00C
    J P Teng image 10/4.806/0016.46CR
    Rene Roy image 10/4.813/0016.5CR
    JM Llapasset image 10/4.994/0016.5CR
    Cedric Layrat image 10/6.854/0016.36CR
    Rafael Ferrando image 10/7.911/0016.65C
    Rafael Ferrando image 10/15.007/0017.1C
    C Leyrat image 10/19.929/0016.76CR
    C Leyrat image 10/21.886/0017.03CR
    C Leyrat image 10/26.839/0016.85CR
    Rafael Ferrando image 10/28.976/0017.8C
    JM Llapasset image 10/31.839/0017.3
    C Leyrat image 10/31.861/0017.5C
    Rafael Ferrando image 10/31.944/0017.9Rcolor
    JM Llapasset image 11/3.858/0017.4CR
    C Leyrat image 11/10.841/0017.0CR
    C Leyrat image 11/17.875/0017.3CR
    Rafael Ferrando image 11/17.929/0018:C
    Claudine Rinner image 11/24.994/0017.9CR
    C Leyrat image 12/3.850/0017.6CR
    C Leyrat image 12/16.822/0018.5CR

    Light curves and Spectra:

  • CfA FLWO spectrum taken 10/3/00, shows this peculiar Type Ia supernova several weeks past maximum brightness
  • AUDE light curve
  • Odd Trondal light curve
  • Kevin Krisciunas light curve
  • M1 group light curve
  • VSNET Light curve (requires JAVA).
    If you have observations of this Supernova, please send them to Use this VSNet data query to see what information has been reported so far. Other VSNet data on this SN:
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    Latest Photometry:

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