Nova in M31 2000 2

This page is devoted to information on Nova M31 2000 2 in M31 (= NGC 224) Basic information on this Nova, including the last reported brightness, on this Nova can be found on the main page. Information on the original web pages for many of these images can be found on the Supernova links web page.

nm312_i.gif Another discovery from the LOSS team. Two of these Novae were announced at the same time, one far past maximum, and the other near maximum. Nova M31 2000 2 is the one on the right. We have a DSS Photometry reference image made by Odd Trondal. Icon created from the LOSS discovery image.

I catalog extraglactic novae basically because nobody else bothers to keep track of them. However, this presents me with the problem of differentiating one nova from another. CBAT typically does not give names to extra galactic novae other than saying "Nova in M31". So, much to CBAT's dismay, I started naming them with "2" and "3", etc. Following the convention of the naming convention of Novae found in the LMC and SMC. It shold be noted that lots of these Novae are found and not reborted to CBAT.

The following is a list of images of this SN, in chronological order. Click on the name in the "observer" column to see the image. Times and dates are in UT unless otherwise noted. If you know of any others, please tell me!
LOSS image 8/11.5/001 19.0
2 17.3
C Discovery
Martin Fiedler image 8/13.906/00C
Rafael Ferrando image 8/13.941/00C
Remanzacco Observatory image 8/14.06/002 > 18.5C local mirror
Odd Trondal image 8/30.039/001 < 19
2 18:
Remanzacco Observatory image 9/1.96/002 > 18.5C
Remanzacco Observatory image 9/5/002 > 18.5C
Remanzacco Observatory image 9/7.94/002 > 18.5C
Remanzacco Observatory image 9/10.0/002 > 18.5C

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